Plair and Axeso5 confirm Latin America partnership

Plair is pleased to announce it has entered into a major partnership agreement with Axeso5. With a Latin America (LATAM) launch planned for the first half of 2019, Axeso5 will be the exclusive LATAM launch partner for the company’s competitive skilled gaming tournament and content creators ecosystem.

“Plair is very excited to have Cristian and Axeso5 come onboard as our exclusive LATAM launch partner and one of the earliest adopters of Plair. The LATAM gaming community is on the verge of explosive growth. Plair alongside with Axeso5 will fuel the growth of LATAM esports and content creation through the Plair ecosystem and Axeso5’s huge network of gamers and cyber cafes. We look forward to a bright future for Plair and Axeso5" — Patrick Tang, CEO @ Plair

Axeso5 is the largest video games publisher in Latin America with over 14+ Million users across their entire publishing platform. They also have a massive cyber cafe network of over 7000+ cafes. Axeso5 have also developed their own payment platform that can be integrated into Plair for LATAM in the future.

“We partnered with Plair to bring the revolution of esports and content creation to Latin America via blockchain technology. With the integration of the most relevant competitive Mobile and PC games like Fortnite, PUBG, DOTA 2, CS: GO, Arena of Valor and many others, Plair Life is an outstanding tournament platform that delivers a smooth competitive gaming experience like no others we have tested. Joining forces with Plair brings transparency to esports, content creators, and advertisers and creates a platform ecosystem that has yet been seen in LATAM. Both Plair’s team and Axeso5’s regional footprint means we will ignite the competitive scene throughout the LATAM region and elevate gaming and esports in Latin America to the next level.” — Cristian Schweizer


  • PLAIR has entered into an Agreement with one of Latin America’s (LATAM) largest online game publishers, Axeso5.
  • Under the Agreement, Plair will be the exclusive LATAM gaming partner for Axeso5
  • Plair will be rolled out into over 7,000 Axeso5 affiliated cybercafés.
  • Axeso5 will market Plair to its registered user base of more than 14 million gamers.
  • Axeso5 is one of LATAM’s largest online video games publishers, making this a significant opportunity for the company to expand its user base and footprint into a major market. This partnership is consistent with Plair’s global growth strategy.
  • Under the Agreement, is excited for the roll out into Axeso5’s network of over 7,000 cybercafés throughout LATAM, including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. In addition to this, Axeso5 has an extensive registered user base of over 14 million active gamer accounts, to which esports events will be strongly marketed.
  • Plair is eager to kick off two of its localized language features, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • The LATAM gaming market was valued at $4.4 billion in 2017, which accounted for 4.1% of the global gaming market, promising a large growth potential after growing 13.9% year-on-year from 2016–17.
Source: Newszoo

The Axeso5 game titles will be available on Plair and will be co-branded, and Axeso5 will continue to provide its localized payments system to their users, which will be integrated into the Plair for users to convert to Plair tokens.

Axeso5 have extensive relationships in the LATAM gaming industry and will be able to assist Plair Life in establishing synergistic relationships and tournament partners in the region, as well as sourcing event sponsors.


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