Plair Expands Global Esports Community with GoodGameBuzz

Plair expands media partnership with GoodGameBuzz, the two will join forces to build and grow a wider global community network of online gaming.

The signed partnership plays a big role in Plair’s digital media strategies. GoodGameBuzz is a comprehensive online gaming community that covers technology development, game content production, gaming event hosting and more. The network officially offers 10 different language options including English and other languages; such as Spanish and Chinese to create a language-friendly experiences for worldwide users. GoodGameBuzz develops DISCORD Server that provides text and voice channels for in-game communication while DISCORD BOT is the only community building bot that features League of Legends verification and voice activity tracking.

Aimed to make esports fun, GoodGameBuzz members can complete in-game missions amongst other fun activities to earn virtual currency “Buzz” points which can be exchanged for real-life rewards such as Amazon gift cards, Google Play gift cards, Playstation Store gift cards, and more.

Plair will work with GoodGameBuzz as a media and content partner and will send users to Plair to compete in tournaments and live stream. GoodGameBuzz also has a mission system that Plair can integrate directly into to help them track users on Plair for completing missions and earning rewards while doing so.

The reach of GoodGameBuzz is global. As a media platform based in Las Vegas, GoodGameBuzz produces the best source of game content and drives traffic through hosting gaming events and live discussions with real-life rewards. Plair will be working closely with media, marketing and advertising professionals in GoodGameBuzz. In the scope of game content production, Plair will have substantial exposure in the esports community on GoodGameBuzz’s articles and news features. This strategic media partnership will increase Plair’s visibility in the esports and Blockchain community.

Together, Plair and GoodGameBuzz will literally create a buzz in the industry and make esports even more fun.

About GoodGameBuzz:

GoodGameBuzz is based in Las Vegas, a global esports and gaming community that develops cutting-edge technology for better in-game experience. It delivers game content and hosts popular gaming events. GoodGameBuzz is also a marketplace for members to earn virtual currency “Buzz” and exchange for real-life rewards by completing missions among other fun activities.

About Plair:
Plair is the first ICO on VeChain. Plair is a blockchain gaming ecosystem that rewards Plair tokens (PLA) to gamers for playing, watching, generating content and social interactions within the platform. The platform aims to give users the tools they want across games and the ability to find true community, competition, and value creation through decentralized means.

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