Plair Forms a Strategic Alliance with Safe Haven to Further Boost the VeChain Ecosystem

Oct 16, 2018 · 2 min read

Plair is excited to announce a strategic alliance with Safe Haven. Plair and Safe Haven’s foundations will do a strategic token swap to support the Safe Haven, Plair and the VeChain ecosystem.

Through this alliance we are also announcing our public sale will be held on the ThorBlock platform. We are very excited by this as ThorBlock was built for automation. Not only does this help Plair with the logistics of running a public sale but it also helps our community with the ease of use of pledging into a public sale. We look forward to running our public sale with Safe Haven. You can read more about ThorBlock below. We will announce dates soon for the public sale.

Plair will also be working to integrate our platform with Safe Haven’s wallet platform which runs on VeChain. This will allow Plair to automatically generate wallets for users when they first register as a new user of Plair. We will also be able to confirm transactions and stake tokens simply by inputting a pin number set by the user. By using Safe Haven’s tech users will have a seamless transition into the blockchain world by giving them tools that work similar to current transaction tools that users are already used to working with. Simply put Safe Haven’s tech will ease the transition of blockchain into gaming.

About Safe Haven

Safe Haven Foundation is a Decentralized B2B2C Platform which supports companies and blockchain projects, aiding their expansion within their verticals. They will open their platform and tech solutions to the community, developers, entrepreneurs, inheritance and trust professionals, and existing financial services companies.

About Plair:

Plair is a blockchain gaming ecosystem that rewards Plair tokens (PLA) to gamers for playing, watching, generating content and social interactions within the platform. The platform aims to give users the tools they want cross game and ability to find true community, competition, and value creation through decentralized means.

For more instructions and news, please follow our social media accounts:


Join Us:

We are always looking for gaming industry partners and technology partners to be part of our cause, please contact if you would like to walk this journey together.


Decentralized gaming ecosystem rewarding the gaming life.

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