Plair Partners with Totient to Build the Most Usable Blockchain-based Gaming Platform

In another move to grow the Plair ecosystem, we are proud to announce a partnership with Totient to drastically increase the accessibility of our platform. Totient is developing multiple User-experience innovations that hide the blockchain from the end user and perfectly complement Plair’s vision for blockchain gaming platforms.

One such technology that Plair will be working with Totient on is Comet. Comet is a web wallet that enables users to run Blockchain applications directly from their web browser. Plair will be piloting Comet’s Verified dApp Program and will internally be integrating Comet to streamline dApps being built on our platform.

Most importantly, by integrating directly with Comet our dApps will behave for our end users like apps they normally would use. Comet provides an effortless experience for our users.

Totient communicated to us that they understood the challenges of our consumer-facing platform and proved to us that they had the necessary solutions. For us, it is of utmost importance that our products are easy to use and accessible without crypto knowhow. By partnering with Totient we fully believe that our product offering exceeds that of centralized counterparts with Comet integration being the first piece of the puzzle.

We have been extremely impressed with what Totient has done for VeChainThor so far, therefore, we are happy to welcome Totient to the Plair family. They have proven to us the ability to deliver great products and provide huge support for the Plair and VeChainThor ecosystems. — Patrick Tang, CEO of Plair

About Totient:

Totient is an activist crypto hedge fund and blockchain venture studio. Over the past year, Totient has been working hard to develop the necessary tools and integrating with leading service providers to drive the growth and adoption of VeChainThor.

About Plair:

Plair is a blockchain gaming ecosystem that rewards Plair tokens (PLA) to gamers for playing, watching, generating content and social interactions within the platform. The platform aims to give users the tools they want across games and the ability to find true community, competition, and value creation through decentralized means.

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