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May 18, 2018 · 8 min read
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The separation between the reality of gamers and “the real life” are blurring, so much so that the gaming marketplace is underserved at the root level, the gamer themselves. Plair believes that building sustainable and disruptive gaming ecosystems empowers its members by providing them the necessary means to earn from their gamer lifestyles. At Plair, we embrace the choice individuals make to live a gamer’s lifestyle, we want to do what we can to serve the group of individuals choosing to make a living gaming life over “RL”.

Surrounding the eSports industry value chain, Plair will become the place to go for an online social experience where gamers come to interact when playing, watching, chatting and creating gaming content. Through blockchain technology, our economic model and algorithms, Plair will be able to quantify the value members are creating for the platform, and reward them for their time, participation, viewership, growth, intellectual property and various activities on the platform with Plair Tokens (PLA), a crypto asset that will hold real value sustaining, or even thriving, in their gaming lifestyles.

The underlying goal of the Plair Foundation is to create a platform for gamers to earn more than enough to sustain themselves for everyday living, doing what they love to do. Plair Foundation’s job is to create a well thought out and technically feasible platform, while at the same time proactively promoting the platform and the Plair lifestyle by facilitating creative online/offline events, tournaments, tours, shows and products.

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Initial Development Phase:

The Plair platform will initially focus on delivering functionalities to the platform to let people do the three most common activities surrounding gaming:

  1. Talk about gaming
  2. Watching others game
  3. Playing games in a fun and stimulating way

Initial Phase Deliverable:

  1. Plair will utilize our partner’s existing network and industry leading partners to expand the platforms reach
  2. Plair will build a virtual decentralized platform in which the gaming community and crypto community can interact
  3. Plair will build a decentralized streaming platform rewarding both the streamer and the viewer
  4. Plair will engage in building the amateur eSports scene and related tools to

- increase the fun factor among the players

- showcase player development for professional . organizations

Second Development Phase:

Plair platform will be transformed into a platform with open source development tools and APIs where the community can engage in dApp development for the purpose of bridging the virtual gaming life and real life. (More will be explained in the Whitepaper)

VeChainThor Platform and VeChain Ecosystem

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The Plair Platform will be a pioneering gaming ecosystem by partnering up with VeChain Foundation and will be deployed on top of the VeChainThor Blockchain.

When the Plair Foundation was interviewing and talking with different public blockchains, our goal was to find partners that added value to our product, were professional, had a realistic vision and approach, were welcoming to adaptation, and be a friendly core to the future of gaming ecosystems. As we narrowed down potentially suitable blockchains we often found that the tech was not suitable for our needs, not enough developmental tools were available, at times we found a lack of vision and guidance, and most importantly, we found there was a lack of a sense of “welcome to the team” type of warmth.

The VeChainThor Platform solidified itself in our eyes to check every box and provided an immense foundation for the Plair platform to build on while having a clear vision for their platform moving forward. After meeting with the VeChain ICO Incubation team, it was clear they were a pillar of support that when meshed with VeChains professional tech team and community members separated the platform from the rest by a considerable margin.

By choosing VeChain, the Plair Platform will be anchoring into the world’s leading public blockchain. Using the tools and infrastructure provided by VeChainThor Blockchain enables Plair to adapt to the ever changing blockchain industry. At its core, the VeChainThor Blockchain uses a PoA, that allows Plair to focus on the development of services rather than focusing on changing ecosystems, tools, and the demands attributed to adding to the stability of the blockchain.

Besides running our platform on VeChainThor Blockchain, Plair and our founding affiliates which make up our Foundation, will contribute to the VeChain community by bringing in a new demographic of users onto the VeChainThor Blockchain. Our team will be able to contribute to the VeChain community through our developments, and marketing expertise. The Plair Foundation and VeChain Foundation will be a long lasting partnership that will help shape the future of blockchain adoption.

The Team

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Patrick Tang — CEO

Patrick is a serial entrepreneur and founded several startups and hardware companies, with extensive tech background working for companies such as Dell and EMC in the San Francisco Bay Area before moving to Hong Kong. He is an avid amateur gamer since high school and currently plays CS:GO.

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Man Kin Fung — Co-Founder

Kin Fung is the Founder of Global Esports. He created and managed the number 1 female professional eSports team in Hong Kong. He is the organizer of one of the largest amateur eSports events in Asia, Asia City League (ACL). He was previously Co-Founder of Memoriki Limited, a leading game publisher which works very closely with game development teams in Asia. It maintains a fast-growing international user base.

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Brian Balsbaugh — Global Strategy Officer

Brian has been involved in the sports management field for the over 20 years. He has significant experience running several companies that represented several prominent professional golf, poker and eSports players. Brian brings a wealth of knowledge from the sports entertainment, eSports, gambling & casinos industries.

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Kenneth Chu — Blockchain Developer

Kenneth is an IT professional with extensive design and development experience. He worked in The Hong Kong Jockey Club as an Assistant Executive and was responsible to design and develop multiple critical systems including the core betting systems. Being an enthusiast in Blockchain technology, Kenneth serves advisory roles for several projects related to insurance and logistics.

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Chun Tung Poon — Senior Project Manager

Over 11 years of experience in the IT industry, managing a portfolio of complex video projects with large user base. CT began his career as a programmer and various technical positions. CT is an early adopter of Blockchain technology since 2012, when he started mining and worked on a digital currency trading platform.

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Deer Chan — Professional Gamer/KOL

Deer is the leader of the number 1 HK all girls League of Legends team Panda Cute and will be actively playing and mentoring on the Plair Platform. Deer and Panda Cute are also the only girls’ team to be part of Team Razer. She is a gaming influencer and a former professional player for Girls HK Logitech team.

Featured Partners

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Next Generation ESports
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Global eSports
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Asia City League (ACL)

Strategic Advisor

CREAM — A Crypto Merchant Bank

Sunny Lu — CEO and Co-Founder of VeChain Foundation


Boxmining — Popular Youtuber and Fundamental Cryptocurrency Analyst, Boxmining’s first ever public advisorship

Andy Vander Woude — CEO at Next Generation Esports (NGE)

Jason Woo — Chief Strategy Officer at Next Generation Esports (NGE)

Zhi-Yuan Guan — Founder of 暴鸡电竞

Vincenzo Lee — Founder of Vinus Entertainment

Yamato Sakai — Founder of Coin Otaku

Zhang Rongjun 张荣君 — Founder of 每日幣經

Adrian Lai — Managing Partner of Orichal Partners

JC Xu — Founding Partner of Badwater Capital

Kenneth Hsia — Founding Partner of Badwater Capital

Henry Yu — Founding Partner at L&Y Law Office

Wilson Yuen — Founder of TFIDM

Institutional Investors

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The Raise

We have determined that the max supply of PLA tokens outstanding will be 100 billion tokens. This round of issuance will be separated into 3 tranches, the private round, the VeChain Foundation round and the public round. The ICO is hard capped at 30M USD. The exact ratio of VET to PLA tokens will be announced on May 25th. Plair Foundation has pledged to raise at least 80% of the tokens in VET. Furthermore, the Foundation intends to hold VET throughout the project’s development and operational stage, and only utilize VET for funding in the event all other financial resources are exhausted.

Lastly we pledge through the facilitation of VeChain Foundation, to enable VeChain X Node holders to have methods to achieve different tiers of rights of purchase and discounts.

Under no circumstances would holders of PLA be entitled to any management rights of the Plair Platform and Plair, any rights to dividends and profits generated from the Plair Platform and by Plair and any interests in Plair for holding PLA. Plair Limited and the VeChain Foundation will use, ensure, or procure the Plair Platform to be in, compliance with all applicable laws and regulations at all times. The Plair Foundation relies on all holders of Plair and participants of the Plair Platform to be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations at all time when using the services provided through the Plair Platform. These policies extend to when communicating with others in order to maintain a sustainable, healthy and harmonic community.

We will start private sale on May 25th, 2018. For more instructions and news, please follow our social media accounts:

The full version of the white paper, along with more detailed plans of the ICO process will be out in June, please stay tuned.

The Token Allocation

To Be Determined with WP release.

Join Us:

We are always looking for gaming industry partners, technology partners to be part of our cause, please contact if you would like to walk this journey together.


Decentralized gaming ecosystem rewarding the gaming life.

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