Plair Sponsors Jeremy Lin’s VGJ.Storm and VGJ.Thunder for The International 8

HONG KONG, CHINA — AUGUST 13, 2018 — Plair is excited to announce our latest celebrity team strategic partnership and sponsorship for The International 8, VGJ.Storm and VGJ.Thunder.

Plair is at the forefront of blockchain gaming. A large percentage of gamers are cryptocurrency holders. By working with with professional teams such as VGJ we can bring professional esports team such as VGJ.Storm and VGJ.Thunder into the blockchain limelight. The strong following of Team VGJ will also help Plair’s community in the long run.

A noted gaming enthusiast, Atlanta Hawks point guard Jeremy Lin has created his own eSports team. In partnership with the China Digital Group and Vici Gaming, a Chinese eSports organization, Lin has create 2 team under VGJ, VGJ.Storm and VGJ.Thunder. VGJ.Thunder is based in China and VGJ.Storm is based in America. With experience in traditional sports, entertainment & eSports, VGJ can tap into three major industries. Bridging the gap between North America and China providing a unique reach for eSports interests of different regions.

Plair is the first ICO on VeChain. Plair is a blockchain gaming platform that allows gamers to play, watch, generate content and talk about gaming all while earning the Plair Token (PLA). The platform aims to give users the tools they want cross game and ability to find true community, competition, and value creation through decentralized means.

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