Public Sale Announcement

Our team is delighted to announce the long-awaited public sale will soon begin with a launch date of the 31st October 2018. We have partnered up with Safe Haven to run our public sale on Safe Haven’s ThorBlock to further support the VeChain ecosystem. ThorBlock is the first communal funding turnkey solution on the VeChainThor Blockchain and it’s the first community created dApp which will be live. We are grateful for Safe Haven’s commitment. Its entire team has offered tremendous support to Plair and great contribution to the community, for they have proven time and time again the ability to execute.

We have received more than enough support from the VeChain community round. Hence, we would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for pledging your support for Plair. We wouldn’t have accomplished so much without our community.

We will release the full details on how to join the PLA public sale by next week.



Private Sale starting on May 25th — Closed in five days

VeChain Community Sale starting on June 7th — Originally slotted amount raised within one week

Major Partnerships

Axeso5 — Latin America’s largest online video game publisher

Axeso5 will be one of the earliest adopters of Plair. Plair will be rolled out into Axeso5’s network of over 7,000 cyber cafes throughout Latin America, including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia to an extensive registered user base of over 14 million active gamer accounts. Axeos5 is one of the first cybercafe networks to join Plair but definitely won’t be the last.

NGE — North America’s largest eSports content, events, and broadcasting company

NGE is a world-class team that offers the network and insights for Plair’s product to get globalized. Through this partnership, we will also be able to onboard millions of North American players. Plair will also work with NGE to strategically plan events that drive users to Plair and elevate esports for the community.

Safe Haven — A decentralized B2B-B2C platform which supports companies and blockchain projects

At the early stage, Plair will integrate our platform with the Safe Haven platform which also runs on VeChain. We will also run the public sale on ThorBlock. Safe Haven will be a strategic partnership at different stages of Plair’s platform to empower users by ensuring secure inheritance of widespread digital assets. Their technology is ground-breaking and easy to use, our development team is pleased to integrate with the Safe Haven Platform and should provide widespread ecosystem benefits.

Sale Updates

We are giving X-node users the first chance at buying into the remaining 200M VET worth of PLA we have left in our ICO. This portion of the raise will continue to see the discounts that were previously set up for them. We are also pleased to announce that we have increased the pledging limit to 10M VET per KYC. X-Node’s will have between now and until October 31st to pledge before the public round starts.

If you are an X-Node Holder you may continue to do KYC through our website at

*PLA are not being offered or sold and may not be offered or sold, directly or indirectly, within countries which include but not limited to the United States, China and other United Nations banned countries except as permitted by the laws and regulations of these countries.

The public pool was originally slotted at 250M VET. During the VeChain Community Round the current oversubscription lowered the public sale pool to 200M VET.

The overall sale appears as followed:

KYC Materials Needed

Materials you need to submit for Identity Verification (KYC) are:

  1. Passport or Government-issued Photo ID
  • within the expiry date
  • has a clear ID photo
  • government-issued

2. Handwritten paper with your name, date, signature and “Plair” + ID card.

3. Proof of Address

  • Recommend but not limited to: -Household utility bill -Current driver license -Bank, building society or credit card statement -Local authority tax bill
  • Proof of Identity and Proof of Address should not be the same document.

Please prepare these materials in advance and finish the Identity Verification (KYC) smoothly.

Looking forward to your participation!

About Plair:

Plair is a blockchain gaming ecosystem that rewards Plair tokens (PLA) to gamers for playing, watching, generating content and social interactions within the platform. The platform aims to give users the tools they want across games and ability to find true community, competition, and value creation through decentralized means.

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Join Us:

We are always looking for gaming industry partners and technology partners to be part of our cause, please contact if you would like to walk this journey together.