Perspective 05

Perspective magazine separates the signal from the noise, distilling new insights from the most important recent developments, data and opinions

In this issue we look at the next phases in the development of autonomous vehicles, particularly on how cities will influence their use. Also by take a longer view on the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the work place and present a more positive view than the current doom-mongering.
 Past issues

Perspective 04

In Issue 04 we navigated the future of mobility, exploring some of the potential impacts of electric and autonomous vehicles on society. By taking a longer view we present some of our speculations of the opportunities and challenges we face. It also includes articles by the Plan team on: VR, Digital detox, Voice control, Mass customisation and much more.

Perspective 03

Issue 03 tackled the theme of navigating ambiguity in all its forms, a challenge that we at Plan constantly find ourselves presented with. It includes articles on: research in an agile world, design leadership in flux, the challenges of designing voice-based assistants and much more.

Perspective 02

Issue 02 took a long view of the future of urban mobility, from accessing the critical success factors of car clubs to debunking beliefs about Gen Y’s relationship to car ownership.

Perspective 01

Issue 01 looked to toast to the past and the future, and to provide an antidote to the echo chamber of fast facts and trash trends. The issue focused on what was the hype of 2014 — wearables, and a look to the future of transportation.

Originally published at Plan.