Perspective 05 has arrived

We’re now sending out Plan’s fifth annual take on notable developments in the world of mobility and tech. Our magazine Perspective is a collection of all the writing and thinking we’ve done throughout the year. And what a year 2018 has been, from the backlash against Big Tech on both sides of the Atlantic to Uber pivoting to e-scooters. In the opening feature article, we look at how cities, after being caught off guard by the ride-hailing wave, are planning to shape how we will experience autonomous vehicles on their streets.

For the design and innovation leaders amongst you, we share two tools. The first is a framework we’ve developed to structure discussions around how to respond to the growing scope of design and innovation teams. We’ve found it helps to clarify decision making on where to focus resources. The second is a typology of vision statements, which is a useful stimulus in the early stages of the envisioning process, as teams reflect on what type of vision they’re aiming for.

On a more socio-economic front, we publish two articles I wrote for the online ideas forum Unherd and design magazine Icon earlier in the year on why there any many reasons to be cheerful about the developments in machine intelligence, despite the fear mongering. We can also start to see the outlines of a new and more symbiotic relationship emerging between humans and machines — one I dub the Human Machine Interlace.

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Originally published at Plan.