My first experience of the city’s distinct culture

A pointillistic telling from a time some-time ago…

  • Going to Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences in the city of Lucknow and admiring monkeys jumping around top balconies
  • Move towards the villages far removed from the main city. More monkeys in the maternity ward this time. More human than we admit them to be?
  • Skipped meals in the pursuit of meeting physicians (research work, business trip, etc..etc.) and stomach filled with lucknowi Chai
  • Eating Chole Puri as we trounce upon roads smooth and unmade in an auto-rickshaw. Working out of an auto-rickshaw on the road in Lucknow
  • Makhan malai, a delectable experience for the fovea and my pallete
  • A rather active political clime far removed from Mumbai suburbs quiet bustle
  • Lal khambeywaali dukaan — a little awkward name for a clothing store
  • Cannot find ATMs anywhere in Aminabad but always a bicycle rickshaw a stone’s throw away
  • The land of hindi astute demands that I buy a few keepsakes: Got Kankaal, Godaan and Kurukshetra
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