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Earth2 acquires Drone the game

An exciting development for Earth2 which recently announced a partnership with Polygon

Image Courtesy: Earth2

Earth2, the upcoming metaverse platform which created a digital twin of the real earth, has announced the acquisition of a PVP game titled ‘Drone the Game’. The drone game is a 3D combat game where players can custom build their drones/vehicles and use them in PVP environments.

The acquisition will enable earth2 to integrate the core components of the Drone game including Arena and vehicle editors into earth2’s unity-driven metaverse platform.

“The ultimate goal of this acquisition is direct ownership of innovative world building and gameplay technologies to extend Earth 2’s Metaverse platform. It illustrates our ongoing commitment to invest in our development team, and to acquire technical expertise relevant to delivering Earth 2’s experience to millions of people across the globe,” said Shane Isaac, founder of Earth 2.

Benefits for Earth2 by acquiring Drone game

  • Integrate various advanced rendering and texturing systems used by Drone into earth2 terrain. This would give a very different experience than the cartoonish behavior we see in other metaverses.
  • Upgrade its builder and open it for users to edit the terrain on the tiles, create structure, etc.
  • Launch it as the first 3D PVP game inside the Earth2 metaverse reducing the time it needs to develop the game
  • Utilize the AI pathfinding system used by Drone
  • Onboard Drone’s core engineering and creative team to Earth2 Dev team.
  • Integrate various phase 2/3 features inside Earth2 like jewels, resources, and essence into the Drone gameplay making it a win-win for both the Drone community and the Earth2 community.

“User Generated Content and utilizing our community’s creativity is a priority for Earth 2 as we continue to leverage blockchain technology to move our platform to Web 3 in partnership with Polygon Studios.” said Shane Isaac, founder of Earth 2.

Drone game

Drone game was developed by Five studios interactive, a gaming company started by 6 Game developers. The build of this game started in March 2018 as a crowdfunded project. This game was available for purchase as early access. Later once the Earth2 project started, 2 of the developers (Nathaniel and Ferran) started working on Earth2 Terrian and the project had halted for some time.

Drone the Game images — From drone games press kit

In the original game, drones could be constructed by players by attaching together various blocks, weapons, and defense systems. Players were also able to construct stunning-looking arenas in various environments. Players were also able to tweak the weather, time of day, gravity, and even meteorite showers.

The drone is a fun arena shooter game where plays can control drones and indulge in PVP destroying other drones. Players were also able to form alliances and clans which made it a social experience.

The future plans

The drone game would be customized for Earth2 and it would be available for free inside Earth2 metaverse. The game is expected to be available for play in early-mid 2022.

The real advantage for Earth2 (by this acquisition) is the ability to integrate the arena and vehicle builders into Earth2. Earth2 is also expected to release the white paper of the Earth2 coin shortly in Jan-Feb as confirmed by Shane, the CEO of Earth2. Earth2 also has plans to decentralize shortly which would make Earth2 a huge competitor to all the metaverse out there.

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