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Earth2: Difference between Tier1 and Tier2 land

What are the advantages of buying Tier 1 land on

How are tiles classified as Tier 1 and Tier 2?

Any tiles which were originally bought from Earth2/market in the first year (before December 3, 2021) are marked as a Tier 1 tile. These tiles will retain the Tier1 classification, even if the tile is resold in the market multiple times in the future.

Any tiles directly bought from Earth2 after December 3rd, 2021 will be marked as Tier 2 tiles. These tiles can be converted into Tier 1 in the future but there will be a cost associated with it (most probably by spending essence).

What is the difference between class and tier of a tile?

Tier-based classification is different from the class of a tile. Only Tier1 tiles have a class associated with them.

The class of land you own is determined by the number of tiles already sold in a particular country when the tile was purchased. Users who purchased tiles early (first 100000 tiles) in a country were rewarded Class 1 tiles and they are rare and have more value. Later purchases were classified as class 2 and class 3. Tier 2 lands that were purchased after December 3rd, 2021 have no class associated with them.

What is the difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2 tiles in Earth2?

The official list given on the website is as below.

The main reason for introducing tier 2 was to provide affordable tiles to new players and to ensure that anyone who bought land within the first year of Earth2 can get some guaranteed Essence(Essence is supposed to be a crypto coin shortly).

The biggest advantages of buying a tier 1 tile are as below:

  1. You get a guaranteed essence generated from the T1 land (or Essence promised). The essence promised on a property is dependent on the country in which your tile is located and the number of tiles that constitutes the property)
  2. You get a LIT or periodic bonus depending on the number of new tiles sold in the country (depends on the class of tile you have and the number of tiles).
  3. Jewels spawning (generation of jewels from land) and jewel slotting (to increase the resource production) will be available for Tier1 tiles
  4. Tier 1 land will have future utilities like no caps for buildings, ability to take part in governance, discoverable resources, ability to show ads on the property, etc.

Buying Tier 1 tiles has its advantages. The only way to buy a Tier1 property is via marketplace from other users. (Market is frozen till December 14th).

Advantages of buying Tier2 land in Earth2:

Now looking at tier 2 land, the biggest advantage is that it is currently very cheap. When Tier2 was released all land was reset, meaning that tile in every country started at 10 cents a tile. Users were able to buy tier 2 land at 10 cents in the US, whereas a new Tier 1 tile was costing around 60 dollars before. (You can use code A9Y07PN9GR for an additional 5% to 7.5% discount)

Though not guaranteed, Tier2 land would be generating Ether at random, which can be converted into essence.

Tier 2 land will also be generating resources (a future functionality), but would only generate less compared to Tier 1 land.

You would be able to convert a cheap Tier2 land to Tier1 at a later point. details on how it can be done are still not available.

Why should I buy Tier 2 land in Earth2?

  1. To procure cheap land for building/gaming functionalities available in future
  2. To secure some additional essence/resources from land
  3. Buying some land in megacities
  4. Buying land tiles in smaller countries. (which might become rare in the future)
  5. For reselling purposes.
  6. Buying out places you love for a cheap price.

How to identify if land in the market is Tier1 or Tier2:

The Tier of the property will be listed as the second column in the marketplace. Don’t rely on the name field since many scammers will try to change the name to trick you into buying the property.

Check the essence promised field also to ensure that you are getting a good deal buying a tier1 land. Tier 2 land will always have essence promised as 0.

Always confirm the Tier by opening the property and checking the value on the right-hand side. Also, check the class of tile if the tile is of Tier 1. Class 1 is more valuable than class 2 and so on.

Any investment you make on or similar websites is at your own risk, and this blog is not intended to give any financial advice

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