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Earth2: Essence Promised — Explained

What is Essence and how to collect them

Image of E2 coin

Essence is the future cryptocurrency of Earth2 and it’s already available for collection/mining inside the Earth2 metaverse. As a part of Earth2’s early adopter rewards, Earth2 made an Essence Distribution Commitment (EDC) with any user who bought a virtual plot of land in Earth2, guaranteeing them a minimum essence from each of their properties. This reward is applicable only for Tier1 land bought from Earth2 before 3rd December 2021.

20% of the total promised essence was delivered to all users in December 2021, which was more like an airdrop of cryptocurrency.

The rest of the Essence is to be collected from Earth2 by logging in every day.

If you purchase any T1 land from the marketplace with some essence left in the property, you will be able to collect the remaining essence from the land. Whatever was collected earlier remains with the seller.

How to know if you have any minimum essence promised.

There are three places where the essence promised is listed inside Earth2:

  1. Main menu
  2. Profile Page
  3. On each property inside the profile page

The entry in the menu shows the total of minimum essence promised you to have to collect from all your properties.

T1 is the value of essence you can still collect. E value displays the total essence you already collected. The same values are displayed under your profile also.

When you select a T1 property, you can see two numbers associated with it, Net essence is the essence you already collected, and awaiting claim value gives the value of guaranteed essence available for collection in the future.

Here you can see that for this particular property, the essence already collected is just 1 and there is 40 essence yet to be collected.

How Earth2 determined the essence promised value:

The essence promised value depends on the country your property is part of. Before December the T1 land price in the US was the highest. So any tiles from the US have the maximum essence promised per tile which is around 52 essence/tile. The next was South Korea with 32 essence/tile and so on.

T2 property doesn't have essence promised, but according to data available in earth2 website, it might still produce essence at random

How to collect the essence promised

You can collect essence by logging in daily to your profile. For collecting essence from a property, mentors should be present in your property. You don’t have to purchase mentors if you are ready to wait a couple of days.

The below article explains mentars in detail.

Try to collect the Ether/Essence daily. As communicated by Earth2 dev, the Ether will be lost if not collected within two days.

Procedure to collect essence from Earth2 (If you own T1 Land):

  1. Login to the Earth2 website.
  2. Navigate to your profile. If mentars have detected any Ether, the below popup will be shown in your profile.

3. Once you click on the claim button, another popup will appear asking you to transform the Ether to Essence.

4. Click on transform and Ether will convert to Essence.

5. Navigate to transaction history and select currency as Essence and you can see how much essence was collected.

The conversation rate of essence depends on how much essence promised is left in your properties and a bit of randomness.

How to speed up the collection of essence promised

You can speed up the collection of the essence by adding a +2 jewel to your property which still has large quantities of essence promised in it. Essence will generate much faster from those properties.

To know how to Craft +2 Jewels, read the below article.

What happens when the essence promised becomes 0?

The property will continue to produce Essence even after the Essence promised in it becomes 0. But the rate of production will be very low and will be pretty random.

We have seen many of our properties producing Essence even after the awaiting claim value became 0.

Shane, the CEO of Earth2 also tweeted on the same recently.

Will I be able to get the essence from Tier2 land?

Tier2 land is also supposed to produce some essence. This is clearly mentioned on the Earth2 website. But the frequency or the quantity of essence produced can only be known once the Earth2 white paper is released sometime in the first quarter of 2022.

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