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Earth2: Jewel Crafting — Shards Explained

All you want to know about Shards created while doing jewel crafting in Earth2 Metaverse

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When Earth2 did the Jewel crafting update, the most confusing by-product that came out of it was Shards. There are people who love it and people who hate it but frankly, it’s everywhere. So let's take a look into whats Shards are and how to manipulate them.

Merriam Webster defines Shards as “a piece or fragment of a brittle substance’ and that's exactly what it is on Earth2 also. It's a sharp piece produced when a Jewel is crafted. Though these pieces can be felt as waste materials, it's extremely useful stuff while Jewel crafting.

How are Shards created while crafting Jewels?

There are three ways Shards are produced on Earth2.

  1. Shattering: Shattering destroys Jewels into small pieces ie shards. On average, it gives around 17 shards when you break a common small colored jewel. Higher Quality Jewels will yield more Shards.

To shatter a jewel, add a jewel to the crafting area and click on Shatter.

TIP: Always ensure that you haven’t checked the bulk shattering option (or pressing any keys) while doing shattering/recipes. This will lead to all your selected Jewels shattered. If you want to do a large number of changes, the bulk option is definitely useful, but better to start without selecting this option in beginning. There is no Ctrl+z option in Earth2.

The shatter option will only be visible when you fill only one jewel slot and the shards field is empty. Where more than one jewel slot is filled or when shards below have numeric values, you will be getting different buttons like Craft.

2. By Product of crafting: When you try to combine various Jewels, even for successful combinations, you will get some amount of Shards as a by-product.

Once your Jewel creation is successful and you click on the jewel to move it to inventory, you can view the number of shards (in green) added to your shards inventory

3. Failed Jewel creation: If you add an invalid combination of jewels for crafting or for some reason your jewel creation fails, all the jewels you used will be converted into shards (and placed in the result field). This is a common reason why many people end up with a lot of shards in inventory. The only way to avoid this is by using working recipes published by various creators in the earth2 community.

How to know the number of shards you own:

The number of shards you own is shown in the jewel inventory next to the search icon.

There is only 1 type of shard, so irrespective of what Jewel you broke, it will always add to the count in inventory.

What is the utility of Shards?

Shards are not waste items. it's extremely useful in Jewel crafting.

  1. Crafting a cracked Jewel: 24 shards can be combined to make a new jewel. And the best part is that you can make it into any of the 7 basic colored jewels.

Follow the below steps to create a Cracked small Jewel from Shards

  1. Select Combinations
  2. Select Tier 1 Jewel Recipe
  3. Automatically Shards count will be added as 24 (if you have at least 24 shards in inventory).
  4. Choose the type of Jewel you want to create from options.
  5. Click on Craft.

2. Improve your Jewels:

Jewels have 3 properties

  • Color (Red, Green, Yellow, etc)
  • Tier (1, 2, etc shown on left side top of the jewel)
  • Type (cracked, small, common, clear, luminous, and brilliant)

You can use shards and essence to improve the type of jewel (Eg: Adding 10 shards and 10 Essence will upgrade your ‘Common small black jewel’ to ‘Clear small black jewel’). Once the type is improved, the quality of the jewel will increase and it will start improving resource production (once resources are available).

That's all you need to know on shards. The below video from our Youtube channel has demos of all the processes mentioned above.

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