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Earth2 Land Tiers

What we know till now

After the first anniversary and its corresponding update, it was confirmed that Earth2 is going to convert Essence into a cryptocurrency.

Currently, the only way to generate essence is by using the land (either they spawn on the land or can be produced via slotting the jewels)

One of the month-end announcements was regarding the big reward for existing users, the Airdrop of essence to all the users and at that time Shane had mentioned that more details will be announced on how the drop will happen.

As part of those announcements, some changes are going to happen in production. The main one is the introduction of Tier2 tiles. Any tiles bought from Earth2/market till this point will be Tier 1. Any tiles directly bought from Earth2 hereafter will be Tier 2 tiles which will have different properties than Tier 1.

Read the new article below, for an up to date info on the difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2 land, and which one should you buy:

Below are changes coming up shortly on the Earth2 Production website.

  1. Essence has a new symbol that is in line with the E2 coin that Shane has posted along with the announcement.

2. Each land has an ‘Essence promised’ value associated with it, and it's visible in the marketplace

3. Market place is closing for 15 days to avoid chaos.

4. New tiles which were purchased from Earth2 directly will be hereafter Tier 2 with lesser functionalities than Tier 1.

  • Tier 2 Jewels may not have the ability to generate essence
  • Slotting might be available
  • Users would be able to build on it.
  • Users might be able to convert Tiles from Tier 2 to Tier1 by spending Essence/Dollars. Not sure of the mechanism yet.

5. EPL can only be set on Tier 1 properties

6. In your profile, you can view the essence generated and essence promised for all your properties.

7. Market place has a filter Tier1/Tier2 Properties:

8. Number of Tier 1 tiles is now displayed on the Top menu next to essence, which means that count is important.



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