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Earth2 Player Resource Validation Explained

If your land is not tagged for resources, you might be benefiting more

Earth2 Player Resource Validation Explained — Created By Author

With the right partnership and exciting launches, Earth2, the Earth-sized metaverse has made great progress in the last couple of months. The newest functionality being launched is the Earth2 Player Resource Validation system, which will help users validate the availability of resources in the land they own. The best part is that Earth2 will pay additional Essence if the validation claim is successful.

Earth2 Resources:

The tiles you own in Earth2 will produce resources if the corresponding location on Earth is known to have the same resource. As of July 10, 2022, Earth2 has already released 4 resources — Gold, Oil, Iron Ore, and Coal.

If your land/tile is expected to generate any of the above resources, resource-related tags should already be available on the land/tiles. You can also toggle to the Heat Map view to understand the concentration of resources across the world.


Gold Resource as seen on Earth2 Heatmap


Oil Resource as seen on Earth2 Heatmap

Iron Ore:

Iron Ore Resource as seen on Earth2 Heatmap


Coal Resource as seen on Earth2 Heatmap

Below are some key points to note regarding resources (as shared by the Earth2 team)

Currently, there are no dashboards or views where you can view a summary of the resources in your properties. You have to go through each property and check for resources (Yes, the same property can generate multiple resources)

If your property is supposed to have some particular resource and still it’s not listed, that's where the resource validation system will come into play.

What is Earth2 Player Resource Validation?

If you own a tile/land which in the real world has resources, say you own a piece of land in the Muruntau mine in Uzbekistan. But Earth2 has not tagged your land with ‘Gold’ as a resource. Then you can submit a claim to validate the gold resource in your property.

Once a claim is submitted, it would be moved to a queue visible for all Earth2 players. Other players/community members can review the claims and decide to stake some essence on the claim. The more people support the claim, the higher it will be in the queue.

Once a claim is validated by the Earth2 team, the resource will start showing up in the tiles (and at a future date the resource will actually start generating from the tile). Every user who supported the claim will get the staked essence back and some bonus essence depending on the amount of essence staked.

What are must-haves for a successful claim?

For a successful resource claim, you need to

  • Own tiles in Earth2
  • Tiles shouldn’t already be tagged for the same resource by the Earth2 team
  • Resource should Physically exist on Earth in the same location as your tile
  • Relevant documentation of physical existence of resource

A recent update from Earth2 points to giving more importance to other users staking Essence on your claim, rather than if the resource is present in the real world or not. Read the end of this article for more details.

How to Submit a claim:

  1. Click on ‘Resource claims’

2. Select ‘Your Claims’

3. Click on ‘Create A Claim’

4. Select the Resource and your property which you want to raise the claim for:

5. Add supporting documents and Links to websites: (Supporting articles can be website listing that the place/area has resources, PDFs, land survey documents, etc) — very important for raising a successful claim.

6. Write a good summary of your claim. (This will be publically viewable).

7. Click Submit a claim and you will be shown a popup. Click submit and you are done submitting the claim.

8. The claim will be visible on the property. $4.95 will be reduced from your account balance.

9. If you wish to stake essence, do so immediately once the claim is submitted (By going into the property. If you do so, Essence will also get reduced from your total Essence available in the account.

Claim as shown In Property

Can I raise resource claims on another user's land?

Though you can't raise a claim on another user's Earth2 land, you can add credibility to another user's claim by staking some Essence. The biggest advantage is that you can receive some additional essence once the resource is validated successfully.

Earth2 Resource claim description

How to support another user's resource claim?

  1. Login to Earth2 and navigate to ‘Resource Claims’
  2. Check ‘All Claims’tab, and you can see claims submitted by all users.

3. Click on the ‘Insight’ icon next to a claim(Last column)to see more details about it.

4. Click on Stake essence and you would be able to select the quantity of Essence. The maximum quantity a user can stake is 1/10 of the Total Stackable Essence mentioned for the property.

Total Stakeable Essence vs What a player can stake

5. Once you stake the essence, the quantity would get reduced from your total essence:

Reporting a claim:

Players will be able to report a claim if there is explicit or offensive content as part of the claim.

When will I know the results of the Earth2 resource claim?:

Based on the information available, the claims will be validated based on the priority of the claim (which is in turn linked to other users supporting the claim). There will be a 1 week buffer time allocated when the Resource validation system goes live, this is to ensure that any properties near the claimed property can also submit a claim. (A claim might result in properties in the near vicinity also getting validated, so Earth2 is giving more time for users to submit claims on individual property and thereby giving the ability to earn essence)

When is the Earth2 Player Resource Validation system going live?

The resource validation system went live on July 15, 2022.

A new update in the Earth2 website, given below gives more importance to players backing the claim and the community, which makes us wonder if enough people support the claim, and will get it approved (irrespective of the presence of resources in the real world!)? We don’t know for sure.

Note on ‘Earth2 Player Resource Validation’ on Website.

But Earth2 CEO, Shane Isaac has confirmed otherwise, suggesting anyone supporting a bad claim may lose the Essence. So make sure you stake after validating the supporting documents properly.

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