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Earth2, Blockchain, and Polygon Studio Partnership

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In very exciting news for the Earth2 community, Earth2 and Polygon studios have announced a partnership, which would help bring decentralization and non-custodial ownership of assets to the platform.

Earth 2 is an upcoming metaverse platform that has created a digital twin of the real world. Users are currently able to buy virtual land which mirrors real-world places, generate resources like gems and essence needed for future gameplay.

Polygon Studio was set up by Polygon to focus on Gaming and NFT projects. Polygon had added a layer on the Etherium platform to enable faster and efficient processing. This layer enables users using Polygon network to remove/reduce the gas fees from any blockchain transactions the customer makes.

The Polygon studios have partnerships with many leading games and NFT projects including OpenSea, Decentraland, Upshot, Draft kings, Atari, Sandbox, Somnium space, Amasa, and Decentral Games.

What does the partnership intend for?

One of the main objectives of the partnership between Earth2 and Polygon studios is to covert Earth2 into a decentralized platform.

The partnership will help Earth to move to blockchain infrastructure and help convert various Earth2 assets like land, jewels, resources, etc become linked to public Etherium blockchain via the polygon platform.

The partnership will also help realize a non-custodial ownership and transaction capability for users. This would allow users to list land tiles and various NFTs from Earth2 for sale on other platforms like OpenSea.

The partnership will also enhance the blockchain gaming experiences inside Earth2 and help scale the Earth2 metaverse platform.

How it will be beneficial to users:

The move will have a huge impact on the earth2 community and existing landowners. Some of the benefits would be as below:

  • Essence would become an Ethereum based cryptocurrency and would soon be hitting the market. 2 -3 months seems to be a realistic timeline looking at coin releases from other projects.
  • Earth2 will move from centralized governance to a decentralized one, meaning the holders of land or the Earth2 coin will have voting rights on major decisions.
  • Assets would be able to be sold on platforms like Opensea as NFTs, which would skyrocket the price of land and in-game items.
  • Users would be able to purchase land using various cryptocurrencies on multiple platforms, which will have positive impacts on landowners.
  • Earth2 will be utilizing polygons proof of stake (POS)blockchain which has comparatively lower transaction fees. The chain itself is carbon-neutral and sustainable.
  • Land and various in-game items will become NFT’s in the future.
  • Users will be able to utilize the interoperability between Ethereum-based projects and other projects running on Polygon’s protocol
  • Users would be able to do cross-chain asset transfers,
  • Increase in liquidity

Overall this is huge news for the earth2 platform which has recently released tier2 lands at very low rates. Blockchain implementation would also help bring new users to Earth2 and make it a full-fledged play-to-earn platform.

Polygon is the preferred framework for many decentralized applications and fintech institutions leveraging Ethereum’s ecosystem. The surge in adoption has resulted in Polygon’s market capitalization growing to $23.78 Billion Dollars.

By this partnership, Earth2 has now the resources it needs to accelerate its course to become a major player in play-to-earn games.

What should the active community and new players do?

This is a major opportunity for already existing players who have got prime land as well as got an airdrop of the Essence (the yet to be released cryptocurrency). There is a huge upward potential for land prices as well as the value of essence once the coin is released and Land is available for sale in other marketplaces.

This is also a good time for new players to enter the earth2 by buying new lands. The Tier 2 lands are just released which makes the entry point very low. The growth seen on Tier 1 land prices in the first couple of months when Earth2 was released was insane (Eg: The new land price of a tile in the USA skyrocketing from .10 cents to 60 dollars). This trend might continue for the tier 2 lands which again got released starting at 0.10 and gradually increase based on the number of tiles sold. (Use our code A9Y07PN9GR for a 5% discount on all new tile purchases*)

Any investment you make on or similar websites is at your own risk, and this blog is not intended to give any financial advice

*If you are buying using the referral code, the content creator will get a referral bonus in the game.



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