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EARTH2 Referral Code update

Use code: ‘OFFER’ for 7.5% discount on all new purchases

Earth2 is an upcoming metaverse that has created a lot of buzz in recent days, be it the acquisition of Drone the game (to launch as a P2P game inside the metaverse) or a partnership with Polygon Studios (To launch crypto and introduce decentralization).

Earth2 has now increased the referral bonus available via Early adopters (EDC Tier 1 property owners) to 7.5%.

This means that when a user buy new virtual land from Earth2 using custom referral codes, 7.5% of land value will be credited to code owners and a 7.5% discount will be available to code users.

If you are an EDC Tier 1 property owner, you can now customize your code to show your brand/personality or update it to a catchy phrase (We made it to OFFER so that anyone can easily remember it)

How to Customise the Referral Code:

  1. Login to your account and navigate to Settings
Navigate to Settings

2. Navigate to the bottom half of the settings page.

3. If you are an early adopter, you would be able to view your current referral code as below

4. Click on Edit and you would be able to customize your code. The code should be between 4 and 15 characters long, and should not be already claimed by some other account.

Note: From our observations, if anyone was using your older code, your new custom code is applied automatically on the purchase page.



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