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Earth2: Sneak Peak at Resources and Phase2 phase-2 is launching soon

Photo by Bart van Dijk on Unsplash

After a very long wait, We got a sneak peak on the resources in phase 2 of and it’s mind blowing!!

The major difference between the Earth2 and other Metaverses in that Earth2 closely replicates the real world. When resources where planned for phase 2, the biggest question was how close will it be to real world.

Finally we have an answer on that. It’s also going to be just like earth. Where certain land has potential to generate certain resources.

Below is screenshot from the testing Earth2 is doing for resources:

Below are resources we have found in land in different places, so far all countries have same resources. but this can change and more can get added to list based on the country tile is in.

  • Fresh water
  • Sand
  • Limestone
  • Iron ore
  • Wood
  • Coal
  • Oil
  • Gold

But one resource seems to be missing all together. The “Essence”. Really, what happened to it?

Can I know what resources land will generate before I buy tile in Earth2?

From the data we have, it looks like when people buy land they will be able to understand before hand what resources land can generate. This will be huge since people might soon be shopping new tiles for resources and there is going to be a lot of tile sales all over (and LIT too ☺).

This data is also available when choosing existing land, which would mean, when we buy in market place we can understand the resources in the land.

What does that mean for Earth2 users:

  1. Phase2 is coming up
  2. Users might have to buy new land or trade if they want to get missing resources
  3. Land buying is going to be more tricky when resources also comes into picture apart from location and land class
  4. More land is going to be sold
  5. In phase 3, users might have to use these resources for building various structures. So better to start accumulating
  6. There might be a marketplace for resources coming soon

This is great news for Earth2 users who have been waiting for past one month for getting some info on future plans from Earth2 devs.

Post will be updates as more details arrive.



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