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Jewels — A.K.A. Resource Boosters in Earth2

Earth2 — Phase 2 has officially started

The wait for phase 2 ended up being very boring. Promises were made, broken, repromised, people started shouting scam, and then one fine day Earth2 started giving everyone Jewels! And out of nowhere phase 2 has started! Exciting!!

So, what’s a Jewel?

Jewels are by simple definition, resource boosters in Earth2. Let’s say your property can produce 100 kg of wood in a month, you add a ‘Small Spawned Brown Crystal’ a.k.a. the Brown gem and suddenly your wood production will increase to… wait for it.. 100.5Kg of wood!! Yes, not joking! that’s exactly what you get because the gems that are being given out now are less powerful ones with just +0.5% ability.

“At the moment, of course, there are only Tier 1 jewels and their enhancement abilities don’t seem too impressive, but with time and more tiers of the EcoSim, they will become increasingly powerful and diverse in their effects.” — Resource tab

So better gems to come I guess.

Do I need to check every property to get a gem?

No. you just need to login, navigate to the ‘Resources’ tab and click on ‘Claim’ (if any of your property has generated Jewels). If nothing, come again the next day.

Do remember to visit the website at least once a week, since jewels are supposed to vanish from the property in a week's time!

How many types of Jewels are there?

At present there are 7 which are tagged to the 8 resources Earth2 announced (but yet to generate).

  1. Blue — Increases ‘Freshwater’ production by 0.5%
  2. Black — Increases ‘Coal’ and ‘Oil’ production by 0.5%
  3. Brown -Increases ‘Wood’ production by 0.5%
  4. Ochre — Increases ‘Iron Ore’ production by 0.5%
  5. Grey — Increases ‘Limestone’ production by 0.5%
  6. Sandy — Increases ‘Sand’ production by 0.5%
  7. Yellow — Increases ‘Gold’ production by 0.5%

There will be more types and ones with more powers coming soon as per the devs

Should I have a large property to get a jewel?

No, I myself have got a yellow jewel from a single tile. (I do have a larger property next to it but have not got anything from it, yet!)

What can I do with a jewel?

The only option you have is to store it now.

Based on the information and disabled tabs shown under resources, you may be able to do below in near future:

  • Craft — create new gems combining existing ones
  • Slot — Maybe to add gems to properties/other items in-game
  • Sell — To sell in exchange for E-credits



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