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Mentars, Explained

A simple guide on Mentars — The new structure released in

Earth2, the Metaverse released a new feature today called Mentars and it’s pretty mysterious as other recent releases. So here we are, trying to explain mentars in a way that everyone could understand.

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What are Mentars?

Before we get into what's a mentar, you need to understand a bit about Earth2 terrain. Unlike the earth, this digital twin seems to emit a particular gas at random intervals. And this gas is called ‘E-ther’. E-ther evaporates randomly from tiles all over the world.

Mentars are structures that can detect when E-ther is produced from the land and convert it into a material called ‘Essence’. Once Mentars are created on your property it will start Capturing E-ther automatically, which you will be able to convert as Essence.

Once Essence is generated, the count will be viewable on the top menu.

Devs also have mentioned that all E-ther are not equal and the amount of essence produced by E-ther may vary based on the type of E-ther generated.

You will need Essence for future gameplay and Essence is considered valuable (as per Devs).

Essence was one time considered as the link to cryptocurrency, but no news on it yet.

How to create Mentars for your property:

There are two ways to get Mentars.

  1. Wait for 14 days and generate it for free

You can visit your property page for 7 days, and you can generate Mentars for free.

Detailed steps are viewable here:

If you follow this approach:

  • All your properties will generate a Mentar structure in 14 days time (Once you log in 7 times)
  • Any future tile/property purchases will have a mentar in them.
  • It's free and automatic for all your properties

2. Buy from the market:

If you are impatient or you want to see a Mentar now on your property, You can buy a mentar for a single property for 5 USD from Earth2. But keep in mind that it won't automatically create mentars for other properties. You need to purchase separately for other properties as well.

Link to buy Mentar available in Profile page

How do class and size of property affect the E-ther generation?

The class has no effect on E-ther generation.

The size of the property will have an impact on E-ther production.

  • The bigger the tile size, the more E-ther will be generated
  • Bigger properties will have more slots for jewels, which can increase the E-ther production

From our observations, the mentar in each property has its own ‘base E-ther generation rate’ (for Eg: 60%).

Each property has slots available for adding Jewels. You can add Jewels to a property from ‘Resources>Slotting’. The number of slots on a property will depend on the size of the property. There can be up to 12 slots on your property, depending on the size of your property.

Once you put a small Jewel on a property, it increases the E-ther generation rate by 4%.

So if you have a base E-ther generation rate of 60%, you will have to put 10 small jewels of any color to make it 100% E-ther generation. The color of Jewel doesn't matter now and you can replace/remove the jewels from the slot later (if needed).

What will happen to Mentars once you sell a property?

Mentars will be transferred along with the property. Any Jewels slotted will be moved back to your account.

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