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Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

Planet Earth2 is the first medium publication exclusively covering articles on Earth2 and we are looking for writers.

We would love to publish stories about anything related to Earth2

How to send in your story

If you would like to be considered as a writer for Earth2, you could leave a comment below and we will add you as a writer.

Once you are a writer with us, you can add articles to Earth2 and if meets the guidelines and standards we will publish the same to Earth2.

It may take less than a day or two for your story to be added to the publication.

Points to consider before submitting your story

  1. Your story should have no spelling and grammar errors. Remember to review it before submitting it.
  2. Support your text with a good image. I am sure you know about Unsplash.
  3. Stories should have some positive impact on readers and shouldn't specifically be written to publish your referral code or to sell in-game properties.
  4. Articles can be drafts or previously published articles.
  5. If required, we will edit your content. Before making any changes we will send you a private note. We will implement any change only after your consent.

Enjoy each moment and keep helping others navigate Earth2.



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