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A Guide to Planet Mojo’s first Community NFT Drop!

All entries into the Mojo Adoption MintList Contest will be automatically entered for a Raffle spot to be the first to mint Moj-Seeds.

Key Details:


Starting on Earth Day, April 22, 2022 at 11 AM UTC, the Planet Mojo Mystery Contest has begun!

UPDATE: The contest now runs until June 2, 2022 at 11:59 pm UTC and Planet Mojo will announce the lucky winners on June 3rd, 2022!

How To Enter


If you have not entered the contest, please check out our official Twitter and Discord for more information.

The Mojos

Mojos are individually unique magical, organic plant-based creatures, born from Planet Mojo to face a deadly threat. The first Mojos dropped will be from the Plant Class and feature four different Subclasses of Mojos — Leaves, Vines, Flower and Moss. No two are the same. The Mojos are 3D playable game characters that will be necessary for Planet Mojo’s forthcoming Biome (Land) and Auto Chess (Mojo Melee) gameplay, where they cast magical abilities on the battlefield as part of your Team.


All Mojos are born from a magical Moj-Seed. Mojo minters will each receive an identical Moj-Seed that they will later have the option of sprouting into a one of a kind Mojo. The visually unique Mojos can be revealed by their owners about 1 week after the minting process is completed.

Mojos Breakdown

Participants who gain access to the MintList will be eligible to mint at least 1 Mojo (one wallet, one Mojo). Each Mojo is classified by Class, Subclass and Rarity and will be randomly selected. In addition, all of this first batch of initial mojos will be marked “Origin”. Other attributes pertaining to your unique Mojo will be made available.


  • Plant


  • Leaf
  • Vine
  • Flower
  • Moss


  • Body
  • Headpiece
  • Eyebrows
  • Facial Feature
  • Facial Hair
  • Color Palette
  • Eye Color

Rarity Distribution

  • Common 70%
  • Rare 15%
  • Legendary 10%
  • Mystic 5%
  • In addition, all will be marked Origin

Rarity Attributes

Allocation Breakdown

  • MintList Contest — 4444

Rewards Summary

The Mystic Moose team wanted to reward our early supporters and as is the case, the Rewards to our first Mojo buyers are INCREDIBLE. Please read carefully below for details!

5 NFTs for the Price of One!

Mojo Wallet holders who have sprouted their Moj-Seed will be automatically airdropped 4 of our initial 6 Champions, randomly selected. Coming out before our game this summer! To be clear, for Minting ONE MOJO, you will be airdropped 4 FREE NFTS! 5 NFTs for the price of One!

One Mojo, One Tree

Planet Mojo has partnered with a non-profit environmental charity dedicated to global reforestation. For each Mojo NFT purchased, Planet Mojo will donate 1 USD to One Tree Planet and their project ONE DOLLAR. ONE TREE. ONE PLANET. Mojo minters will choose where the new tree will be planted and Planet Mojo pays 100% of the donation costs. To read more about this partnership, click here.

Early Game & Tournament Access

Access to the private Early Access games launched this summer and our first ever tournament with a large rewards pool (details coming). With the Early Access version of our first game release coming this summer, our primary goal is to get our NFTs into the hands of real players as soon as we can. Those who purchase our initial NFTs will be able to help Planet Mojo balance and test. This will be an opportunity to provide the development team feedback that will be key to guiding the evolution and refinement of Planet Mojo.

Allowlisted for Biomes

Mojo Wallet holders who have sprouted their Moj-Seed will be automatically be given access to our upcoming Biome sales.

Community AllowList IDO Spots

An opportunity to be whitelisted with one of our launchpad partners for our IDO Token Sale.


Other Airdrops and game rewards!


This summer Planet Mojo will be releasing early access gameplay to our Origin Mojo NFT holders. In addition to helping us test and balance the game, holders will also have access to our first paid tournament with a Cash reward pool.

Game Requirements

  • Biome (Land) Play — 1 Mojo and 1 Biome
  • Mojo Melee (Auto Chess) — 1 Mojo & 4 Champions


  • The same Mojo can be used for Biome and Mojo Melee
  • Multiple Biomes and Mojos can be owned but only one of each can be used at launch in gameplay.

Important Information

Minting Sign-Up Website

  • For the Mojo Adoption Mintlist Contest raffle and sign-up, we are using as our official site to sign up for our MintList Raffle.

Cost — $1000

Distribution — One Mojo per Wallet.

Payment Accepted — wETH & MATIC (more being added)

Disclaimers: Link to Legal Disclaimers

Closing Remarks

We hope this guide was helpful for everyone interested in signing up to premint a Mojo! This is of course only the beginning of our journey together and we remain extremely grateful and committed to our early adopters. Your passion and feedback is critical to our success!

About Planet Mojo

Planet Mojo is an ecosystem of interconnected games built by Mystic Moose and set inside a mysterious alien planet with an evolving narrative. Players compete with customized teams of fantastical creatures in a suite of eSports, PvP games. The long-term goal is to create a sustainable and growing catalog of games for the next generation of gamers, empowering players by allowing them to own their in-game assets and have a say in the project’s future direction.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium

FAQ: Frequently Answered Questions

How many Mojos MintList slots are available?

There will be 4444 Moj-Seeds released in this premint.

Are there other MintList events planned?

No. This is our big event to mint Mojos. There could be more in the future. We are partnering with some launchpads after our contest ends as another entry point for those who miss out.

How will I know if I’ve been selected for the MintList?

Planet Mojo will announce the selected Mojo Adoption (MintList winners) of this event online and in an AMA. Keep an eye on our Discord channel and your email for more details.

What Mojos will be available to the MintList winners?

The first set of Mojos will be drawn from the Plant Class that includes Leafy, Vines, Moss and Flower Mojos. All Mojos begin as Moj-Seeds and are sprouted by their owners, and the Mojo is randomly selected.

What do you get with an MintList spot?

If you receive an MintList position, you will have the opportunity to be one of the first owners of a Mojo. The Mojos will be available to mint-listed applicants on Mint Day, June 6, 2022.

What are the Requirements?

Your wallet address must be submitted to us along with other actions in If you are selected, we will whitelist this address for minting 1 Moj-seed. Once official minting begins, you will be able to mint your Moj-Seed for the corresponding price.

Can I apply with more than one Wallet Address?

Yes, you can apply with as many wallet addresses as you like.



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