Data-Driven Planet #23: The Enormous Opportunities of IoT Data

As the Internet of Things (IoT) matures, it will create enormous opportunities for renewable energy. Never before has the energy industry been so strictly regulated and globally competitive. That’s exactly why today’s players need to embrace IoT, make sense of their data and use it for smart decision-making in order to lower costs and increase revenues.

“Data becomes the operational currency of a transforming energy industry. For instance, transporting and analyzing data from wind turbines has high value to grid operators, and companies offering these types of networking or data analytics services can reap the benefits.”
– Neil Strother, Navigant Research

In this week’s Data-Driven Planet:

Even the most diverse corporations like Amazon and Walmart reach their 100% green energy goals and others in Fortune 500 follow their lead. The weather forecasting services market will soon reach a billion dollars thanks to growth in clean energy production. And then there’s positive news from Latin America…

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