Infographic: 2016 — A Record Year For The Clean Energy Business

Our Year In Review

2016 is a year to remember. It’s been especially significant for the clean energy industry. The numbers speak for themselves.

The price of renewable energy is record low, and solar produces better return on investment than oil. Even the most traditional energy companies are becoming data-driven in their business.

We put together an infographic to highlight the renewable energy sector breakthroughs and achievements of 2016 (see below).

At Planet OS, we deployed our operational intelligence platform, Powerboard, at the world’s second largest offshore wind farm in Gwynt y Môr. The 160 turbines off the coast of Wales produce a maximum capacity of 576 MW. Seeing our customer Innogy succeed in their data-driven approach encourages us to continue helping renewables be the winning segment in the energy industry.

Thank you for your continuous support. We’re excited to enter 2017 and the future of data-driven energy. Happy holidays!
— team at Planet OS

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