Q&A with Matthew Peloso, the Founder and CEO at Sun Electric

– Planet OS Visionary Series

Annika Ljaš
Jul 5, 2017 · 5 min read
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In the third issue of Planet OS Visionary Series

Planet OS Visionary Series is a round of exclusive interviews with ten most inspiring professionals in the transforming energy industry.

Q. You’re one of the emerging innovators in solar energy in Southeast Asia. Is there a project or an achievement of your company Sun Electric that you’re especially proud of? What makes it special?

We’ve also expanded our business to the U.S. and Japan to continue promoting the SolarSpace product, and see ourselves as pioneers in the global solar industry.

Q. If you could leave everything else aside and focus all your time in solving one major challenge in the next few years, what challenge would you choose? Why?

Q. Now let's talk about about solar energy market. Is the current solar panel installation rate supply or demand constrained?

We are currently emerging from a shortage of solar panels in a high-price oil market into an oversupply of solar panels in a low-price oil environment. The effect has been to bring solar costs down even further, though with sector participants making relatively limited profit margins. This is setting the stage for a new cycle.

Q. The price of solar panels and energy storage is falling. In your estimation, when will they become the dominating choice in all new energy generation installation globally?

American gas and Saudi oil are again making fossil fuels quite competitive against solar, even though the cost of solar panels have dropped consistently.

With a small shift upwards in commodities, solar power today is at a lower cost peak power than the resources complementing gas supplies for base load demand which solar can’t meet. I presently count storage on the sidelines in major urban regions, because it’s too expensive. It’s rather tailored for remote power demand.

Q. We know that Big Data can help in making renewable energy more competitive. In your opinion, what are the most important advancements where data and/or technology can help the energy industry move forward?

Q. There is a hypothesis that the cost of electrons is a race to the bottom, and ultimately energy will become almost free, creating space for a new economy around value-added services in energy. What is your view in this?

Q. If you could design the future of living, what would it look like 25 years from now?

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