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Introductory Remarks by Dr. Samir Raouf (Iraq’s Former Deputy Minister of Science and Technology)

From the Datahub to the Datathon

The information we gather on the proceedings of the planet is growing exponentially, from smart homes gauging localized temperatures to super-resolution satellites quantifying the physical environment. With so much information flowing through different sources and industries, how much of the collected data becomes actionable, especially considering scale and cross-domain synergy between various data sources? My guess is less than 1%.

First place winner:

Team #1: Decreasing Household Water Scarcity in Jordan with Solar Water Pumps and Storage Tanks

Team #1 Presentation
Slide 11. Solar Water Pump Locations Recommendations
Slide 14. Water Storage Tanks Location Recommendations

Lessons learned

  • There is no such thing as being overprepared. We provided some technical documentation and examples ahead of the event, but not every participant had the time to try it. Next time we plan to provide more video content (demos and screencasts), so it would be easier to learn while participating in the event.
  • Cater to less technical participants. There are many people with domain expertise rather than computational skills, and while some teams were balanced on technical and non-technical members, others were a bit understaffed. For the next event, we plan to generate some static data in the form of CSV files and pre-rendered maps, so people who are not fully comfortable working with the data would be able to use the Datahub with more ease.
  • Next time, we will also consider giving a longer time frame for the project completion to take on more ambitious problems. It still amazes me how deep participants went in just 12–15 hours.

Special Thanks To:

  • Guest Speaker: Dr. Samir Raouf
  • Team Berkeley: Ayushi Gupta, Imanne Chaudhry, Simran Regmi, Eleanor Sobottka, and Saeed Nassef
  • Team Intertrust: Ambriel Pouncy, Zaki Alattar, Chase Walz, Carolina McClanahan, Brandi Firestine, Anthony Trejo, and Jean Michel Bosch
  • Mentors: Kristian Paljasma, Samiyeh Mahmoudian, Beto De Almeida
  • Technical support: Eneli Toodu, Andres Luhamaa

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Planet OS (by Intertrust)

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