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How to save energy and water doing laundry?

Save energy and water when doing laundry

Ever wondered if it is possible to save energy and water somehow when you do your laundry?

Almost every middle-income household these days has a washing machine to assist with reducing the workload of household chores. However, the key challenge is the increased consumption of water and energy when doing the laundry. To this end, there are some corrective measures that can help with doing water and energy efficient laundry.

How to save water?

The key ingredient to saving water while doing the laundry is to begin by selecting a laundry machine that is water efficient given its wash process. For instance, it is known that while front-loading machines cost more, they are often more water efficient that the top-loading machines. While this sounds easy, this solution may not appeal to those who already have a top-loading washing machine. In that case, such consumers can look to alternative solutions like using XorbsTM to save water. These are spheroidal shaped polymer balls that assist with absorbing dirt and unwanted stains from the foiled clothes whilst allowing for reducing the amount of water needed to clean the load. Yet another pragmatic solution to conserve the water required is to store the grey-water in tanks and recycling it for the next wash cycle (preferably within the next 24 hrs).

How to save energy?

Those were a few pragmatic tips to save water but running a washing machine also consumes energy. Part of this energy comes from the utilization of hot water for wash cycle. This can be either avoided by using cold water (whenever possible) or using solar energy like renewable sources to heat water with minimal energy overhead. A major part of the energy is consumed by the washing machine itself, so when buying a machine, the consumer should look out for proper energy ratings and preferably buy the high efficiency machines that suffice the usage. However, if the machine you already own does not come with energy rating and replacement is not a viable option, consider pre-soaking the soiled clothes and try to execute a full-wash cycle only when you have a full-load. Every little bit helps, so please do you part in saving the planet.



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