What Love Feels Like to Me

Planet Serotonin
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2 min readApr 27, 2021


Art by dangdoodz

what is love?

i’ve begun to realize that it is more abstract than i thought, it is more beautiful, more fluid, more

we were taught that love means butterflies, fireworks, kisses, and making more love

but i don’t think it fits the type of love i’m feeling

love can be waking them up to surprise them, organizing a birthday party, ice cream and taking them places they never went to, or associating memories with the DC and Marvel fandom

love is abstract

love is strong, and trust, and possibilities

love is staying awake when they need you,

love is ditching your dick appointment to take care of them,

love is forgiving

love is amplifying your small voice, love is fighting the fights you aren’t strong enough to take on yourself,

love is alcohol and cigarettes and lights out on the roof while dancing to BTS and Florence + The Machine

love is caring for yourself, love is playing board games or trying not to be caught that you are staying up late, love is watching anime,

love is quitting something bad, love is living,

love is letting go of someone because you want them to be happy, love is remembering their favorite lines from How I Met Your Mother despite hating the series,

love is taking away your pain, even for just 1%, or 0.00001%,

love is clear standards and boundaries, love is opening up my heart for the chance of more love,

love is waiting at the finish line because you know they’d reach it, no matter how long

love is warm and kind and natural and inherent

love is not just one thing

romantic, schmantics,

love is love

any kind of love

what is love to you?