Recruiting 100 Beta Testers to validate our Minimum Viable Product

Ivan D'Ettorre
Apr 16, 2020 · 3 min read

We are glad to announce that our Minimum Viable Product is ready to be tested and you can help us improve it.

It comprises

  • A Mobile App (Android first)
  • A Web interface for blockchain operations
  • A Web interface for sensor visualization on a global map

At the same time, we are releasing our LightPaper, which can be downloaded from the PlanetWatch website.

Mobile App

The first version of our mobile app manages via a Bluetooth connection a mobile air quality sensor which measures PM1, PM2.5, PM10 and VOC.

PlanetWatch Moblie App

We also display meteorological data such as temperature, humidity, pressure and (whenever possible) altitude as derived from the GPS data provided by the mobile phone. Data are refreshed every 5 seconds and sent to our web service every minute.

The color code is based on the following value ranges:

VOC: 0–0.3 ppm BLUE | 0.3–1 ppm GREEN| 1–2.5 ppm YELLOW| 2.5–5.5 ppm ORANGE| over 5.5 ppm RED

PM1: 0–14 ug/m³ BLUE | 14–34 ug/m³ GREEN| 34–61 ug/m³ YELLOW| 61–95 ug/m³ ORANGE| 95–100 ug/m³ RED

PM2.5: 0–20 ug/m³ BLU E| 20–50 ug/m³ GREEN| 50–90 ug/m³ YELLOW| 90–140 ug/m³ ORANGE| 140–170 ug/m³ RED

PM10: 0–30 ug/m³ BLUE | 30–75 ug/m³ GREEN| 75–125 ug/m³ YELLOW| 125–200 ug/m³ ORANGE| 200–250 ug/m³ RED

Blockchain Interface

In order to connect to PlanetWatch , each sensor must be registered on the Algorand blockchain via a web interface. Its attributes and ownership are embodied in a non-fungible token (NFT).

When valid air quality data are streamed from the sensor to PlanetWatch, Planet rewards (“mining”) are issued and sent to the account which holds the NFT (see the LightPaper for more details).

Map Visualization

Connected sensors will appear on a global map here. At the moment we are processing data from a couple of test sensors.Live data can be seen on this page. During the test phase, sensor data will be recorded on Algorand’s testnet.

PlanetWatch Sensor Map

Become a Beta Tester

We invite expressions of interest to join a selected group of 100 PlanetWatch Beta Testers.

PlanetWatch Beta Tester Program

Testers will buy a PlanetWatch-ready sensor and help us test all the features of our Minimum Viable Product, from data acquisition to token issuance. In return for your help, you will receive free Planet tokens and other perks. If this sounds interesting, please register on our website and details will follow.

PlanetWatch Roadmap

In order to keep up with PlanetWatch developments, follow us on

Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, LinkedIn

and remember: “Your Planet Needs YOU” !


Your planet needs you

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