Discovery Phase: ready, set, go!

The teams of the 5 work streams have been formed, here’s what they will work on and how.

Before start diving into who, what and how, we would love to THANK EVERYONE who got in touch with us, tweeted suggestions, responded to the survey, signed up for the mailing list, wrote a post for this publication, suggested an acronym or simply asked “what is Planet 4?”. Thank you to all who have participated thus far, and for those who haven’t — we welcome you to share your thoughts any time. This project is about all of us.

So far, communication approach and channels have been launched, the engagement vision has been shared, the treasure map has been presented. 
You responded to our call for help. Now, working groups get together and turn theory and plans into practical tasks. We are officially in the Discovery Phase! Let's try to shade a bit of light on each stream and the people behind them:

  • Analytics Review & KPI Selection — Michael and Pasquale are used to mix tea and Google Analytics reports for their breakfasts. They are collaborating with a bunch of KPI wizards to produce a series of graphs with the supporting data points in publicly accessible spreadsheets. The purpose of this phase is to have a clear idea on what we can measure and how we will do it in a consistent way. Check out this document for more info, but be warned, they are analysing bounce rate and read ratio.
  • Content Inventory & Audit — Ksenia and Kelli have been managing content more or less since Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web. With the help of volunteers and staff members, they will lead a series of activities aimed to get an overview on which content and functionalities are already live on the global Greenpeace websites and how well they are being produced, distributed and used. Along with the internal audit, these fellows will have a look at how other NGOs structure and distribute their content, to produce a “Cookbook” from which we will start sketching down the User-Experience in the next phase. More info (in a sitemap-alike series of bullet points) here.
  • Content Strategy & Story — When they are not working, Laura and Tsering analyse famous comic books and scripts to find alternative ends and present them at different Comic-Cons around the world. Together with other storytellers from all backgrounds and corners of the Earth, they will shape and finalise the Planet 4 content strategy, defining best practices and guidelines for the future of our content across Greenpeace websites. Have a look at the detailed approach and the full list of narrators here. Your content hunger will be largely satisfied.
  • Surveys and focus groups — Rémy, Rebecca, Cody and Nadav don’t even start cooking risotto without asking everyone which sauce they would like it with, and produce an infographic with results. Supported by a super-mix of volunteers and staff members, they will create, coordinate, dispatch and analyse all the surveys you will receive in the next month, whether you are a user, contributor, administrator or all of the above. More information on this work stream are available here (don’t forget to leave your feedback, please).
  • Technical Investigation — Last year, Kevin won a Rubik’s cube competition while playing with his Gameboy in the other hand. Highly-technical Sherlock Holmeses will support him in a series of tasks that will lead to the perfect technical infrastructure our websites will need. From requirements gathering to impact analysis, from infrastructural needs exploration to security examination, the outcomes of this work stream will set the fundamental basis on which we will build Planet 4. Should you be able to read Matrix Code, have a look at the workstream introduction.
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Lastly, September is quite a busy month in all timezones, and we totally understand if you cannot make it in any of these stages at the moment, BUT are still willing to get involved at a later stage. 
Be reassured that there will be plenty of opportunities, just fill this form and tick the box “None of the above: I prefer to join the project during one of the later phases. Please keep me informed”. You will hear from us very soon.

In the meantime, how about joining the mailing list, tweet this update at #GPP4, follow this Medium publication or directly comment below?

Thanks to Laura, Kelli, Rémy and all the anonymous platypus, axolotls, chupacabras and badgers who contributed in the creation of this post.

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