We’re hiring: millions are waiting for you

As previously announced and recently restated, Planet 4 will be built on WordPress. We aim at building a flexible, secure and most of all engaging platform. As Kevin introduced, we are going to both contribute and rely on volunteers from the open source community.

In order to create, roll out and continuously improve a cutting edge platform to drive people to action, we are looking for talents to join our multicultural, diverse and dispersed team, and bring in not only their technical expertise, but also innovative, disruptive and fresh ideas.

Here’s where you come in.

We recently published 4 job ads on the new Greenpeace International recruitment website. All technical requirements are listed there (watch out, deadline for all applications is this Thursday 17th of November at 23:59 CET) and will be tested during the interview rounds, but I wanted to personally shed some light on how our successful candidates will contribute to the success not only of Planet 4, but of Greenpeace as a whole:

  • Team leader web development / Scrum Master — We are really looking for a top class scrum master to lead the new web team. Your responsibility will be to make sure the team remain focused and in high spirit, given the busy times ahead. You must have real, successful experience as a Scrum Master with a distributed team and help implement solid delivery workflows.
  • PHP Developer — If you are applying for this position, it means that building software is what you love doing most, be it with code, specs, scripts or documentation. You will be right at the center of the Planet 4 development. Your primary focus will be the development of all server-side logic and ensuring high performance, security and responsiveness. You know already how to test and integrate systems, but also how to nurture relationships with your colleagues. You will most probably get to know personally most of website producers, developers and users in and outside Greenpeace and will help them implement their most crazy ideas.
  • Front End Developer — The Greenpeace community will heavily rely on your contribution to the style guide and interactive prototypes. We also will need your help to integrate and extend multiple themes and templates. You will remain abreast on the latest front-end code architecture and technical approaches the non-profit and open-source world can offer; you will write concepts, requirements and will help mock-ups and influence the behavior of millions of users.
  • User Experience Designer — People from all corners of the Earth will come to you to seek guidance on how each one of our supporters can obtain a unique Greenpeace experience with and from Planet 4. We need Planet 4 (and future websites) to be unique and mind-blowing, we need all your creativity, foulness and expertize. You will be asked to reflect on personas, user stories and workflows and asked to sketch down revolutionary new experiences to mobilize people from the Arctic to the Andes.

Before the classic “I look forward to meeting you”, let me just remind you that you can share this job ads to all your friends who you think are suitable but may be busy on GitHub at the moment, Tweet them at #GPP4 or comment right below.

Again, deadline for all applications is this Thursday 17th of November at 23:59 CET, so if you’re interested make sure you respond to apply soon.

Peace out.


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