Introducing Futures Studio’s Planetary Futures Goals for 2030 — post-tech movements for positive change.

Blending futures-thinking and radical collaboration Futures Studios bring University of the Arts London students together with industry partners to explore the futures of technology, society, and creativity.

For our latest Futures Studio in partnership with IAM we gave participants a collective mission to define a set of Planetary Futures Goals for 2030 — and activate creative responses to realise them.

Watch a film telling the story of our Planetary Futures Goals

Needing Alternative Narratives

Youth today are facing a maelstrom of rapid technological change, and social, political, and economic anxieties.

In 2018 politicians and corporations are negotiating futures for a generation of young people who know well enough they’ll pick up the tab and inherit the consequences.

Do the binding agreements of Brexit, sustainable targets of the U.N., and neoliberal agendas of Davos speak to youth?

Do Silicon Valley algorithms and global financial systems take care to think about the implications of technology on the things we care about?

Or must we find alternative narratives? New metaphors and stories to tell.

Educational movements for radical change. Youth-led provocations for collective, long-term, Planetary Futures Goals.

To thrive in a world in flux, a generation must connect, inspire, and empower ourselves to critically understand and shape the futures of everything.

How might individuals use Empowered Data?
Can the internet consist of Conscious Networks?
How might Label-less Spaces connect us?
Can Cosmic Data lead to techno-transcendence?

Introducing our Planetary Futures Goals for 2030 — four post-tech movements for positive change.

1. Empowered Data

2. Conscious Networks

3. Label-less Spaces

4. Cosmic Data

Our goals and projects were launched at a Futures Studio Summit in London in March 2018. And taken to an audience of internet people at IAM Weekend 2018 in Barcelona in April 2018.

Learn more about the Futures Studio journey, participants, and learning partners.

Courses represented in the UAL Futures Studio include:

BA Design Management & Cultures, London College of Communication

BA Performance Design and Practice, Central Saint Martins

MA Art and Science, Central Saint Martins

MA Fashion Futures, London College of Fashion

BA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts

MA Interaction Design Communication, London College of Communication

MA Illustration & Visual Media, London College of Communication

BA Culture, Criticism and Curation, Central Saint Martins

BA Graphic Communication Design, Central Saint Martins

MA Fashion Media Production, London College of Fashion

MA Innovation Management, Central Saint Martins

BA Photojournalism & Documentary Photography, London College of Communication