Living in A Designed Dystopia

We’re living a dream imagined by psychopaths, which is for so many of us a dystopian nightmare.

Dr. Lisa Galarneau
Jun 11, 2017 · 5 min read
We’ve arrived in the future they’ve been designing for decades.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it, we say. But what happens when the architects of our future are designing the kleptocratic, robber barons’ paradise that only true despots and megalomaniacs can dream of?

Get Me Roger Stone is now on Netflix. Watch if you have any question that systematic incursions on our democracy, voting systems, and public information have been underway for decades. In high gear since the 1970s (consulting for Reagan, Nixon, Goldwater, and Dole) and described as ‘a bit like the Joker in Batman’, Stone is also said to be ‘burning down the house’ like the proudly proclaimed ‘prince of darkness’ he is.

His unique angle? Spin together his political agenda and his knowledge of media, propaganda, and rhetoric. Create a socially engineered Trojan Horse to affect public opinion by creating a narrative and sticking to it through lies, denial, and scapegoating. Stone was the architect of ideas that began with the Nazis and found fertile ground in Fox News and other alt right media like Breitbart and InfoWars (who have convinced their followers that they are the only source of truth).

This is the destructionist agenda, led by Bannon and Trump’s cabinet, that wants to throw the baby out with bathwater, eliminating government and oversight entirely. Replace systems of government with kleptocratic business systems that you dare to call free markets. Reward those who buy into systems of greed, exploitation and hatred. Invoke politics of nostalgia like the Reagan era. Sow the seeds of discord, dissent, and hatred. Eliminate regulations and consumer protections claiming that free markets will have businesses and people making choices that aren’t self-serving. Destroy the biosphere because your riches will always let you find safe places to hide. Claim that voluntaryism will somehow fill the gaps. Let the unproductive or dissenting citizens suffer and die, therefore erasing everything you hate: people who dare to try to survive without lining your pockets.

You don’t need public infrastructure or services or justice and equality so you will not support them. Buy stocks in all companies you can profit from while twisting the global narrative (LIE! DENY! BLAME OTHERS OF YOUR OWN CRIMES!), especially energy, war, and real estate. Take out any women, minorities, or other groups you hate. Rinse and repeat world-wide, installing your kleptocrats anywhere you can. Then party like the villains you are. Of course you will be drinking Trump Vodka.In short, the nightmare we are living has been the product of several psychopathic imaginations. And it’s bigger than any of us can imagine.

One piece of true evil genius has been enabling alternative news sources like Wikileaks and InfoWars. It was no coincidence that so many of the leaks have been intended to discredit particular political foes, as well as the U.S. intelligence apparatus. Why? Because those are the opponents of the dystopia.

That, in a nutshell, is how this happened:

This has been social engineering/culture hacking of the most grievous and destructive kind. They have stolen our democracy and our children’s futures. We must help our citizens reclaim their hearts and minds.

And that’s why #IResist. #TheResistance #Resist

About Me: I am an anthropologist, futurist, veteran, and Mom to a transgender teen. I am also disabled and now must rely on donations to fund my work. You can support me with a small donation via PayPal or you can donate on a monthly basis via Patreon. Thank you!

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Dr. Lisa Galarneau

Written by

Anthropologist, Futurist, Design/UX Researcher, Veteran, Lightworker, Democrat, and #TheResistance Activist

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