Our Stolen Democracy

Look Back A Couple of Decades and the Current Republican Power Grab Becomes Clear

The 2000 election differed by 537 votes. The outcome was decided after throwing out thousands of votes in Florida, where Jeb Bush was governor.

More news is emerging about Russian interference in our recent elections, but it’s only a small part of a larger Republican strategy to steal elections and centralize their power in our Congress. The fact that Russia is clearly helping the Republican agenda? Well, they have targeted other countries similarly, supporting a world-wide authoritarian power grab.

These problems go back decades, well before the Russian hacking problems that have been uncovered in dozens of states. I don’t know if you all remember, but the 2000 election was decided by disallowing a huge number of votes in Florida — remember that Jeb Bush was governor when George W. Bush ‘won’ the election?. This might seem like a harsh accusation, but elements within the Republican Party have been stealing elections for a long time now. It’s a strategy that has led to the current power grab and policies that are now being shoved down our throats. My prediction is that they will soon be held accountable.This whole thing is bigger than most of us can imagine. For one thing, the rampant war-mongering has now been going on since 9/11:

We’d be well on our way to a prosperous and sustainable future had Al Gore won in 2000. Ultimately the vote tally was only 537 votes higher for Gore. But George Bush was given the win after thousands of votes were thrown out in Florida.

Voter suppression targets low-income and minority communities especially:

The recent Republican wins in Georgia and South Carolina were similarly impacted. Both were ‘won’ with extremely narrow margins, both in places with widespread voter suppression tactics at play:

How did Trump win despite losing the popular vote? The Republicans have been using redistricting and gerrymandering techniques to affect the electoral voting apparatus.

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