Community Update 05.10.24 — Race for Glory

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4 min readMay 10, 2024


This week, we hosted our very first ExoGP tournament, launched the MKIV Exo, and dropped a lot of alpha about its current and latent benefits and utility. Probably nothing, but you can read all about it in this week’s community update.

Canyon Blitz Finals

After an incredible tournament, the Canyon Blitz has come to a close. We had an amazing time hanging out with our community, watching some amazing ExoGP gameplay, and trash talking all the way to the finish line. It was so much fun seeing everyone’s competitive spirit balanced with a mutual respect for one another. The Planet Atmos team was impressed and humbled by the lap times of our pilots and the artform with which some of them traversed the track. These skilled pilots did things with the MKIV Exo that our team didn’t even know were possible.

Congratulations to our top three contestants, Tpro, Rush, and Val Valiant. They each took home a chunk of the prize pool money and a whole lot of bragging rights to go with it. They also got to draft their own ExoGP teams, choosing Vulkansson, Sacred Waste, and Jötun respectively. Thank you to all of our contestants, we look forward to seeing you in the skies in our next ExoGP tournament. Will you be the next Pilot in the winner’s circle?


We released a lot more information about the MKIV Exo this week, including details about the suit components, stat profiles for variable suit performance benefits, and team affiliations. The MKIV Exo is your key to competition in ExoGP and all of the Exos in the MKIV Genesis Collection are affiliated with one of ten teams in the League. Read about the ten ExoGP teams at

Additionally, we shared details about the future of Planet Atmos, including other games in development, a resource-based economy that enables the creation of gear for Exos and other items, a points and rewards system for users, and the native currency of Planet Atmos, #EQD. Learn all about what lies ahead in Putting the Exo in ExoGP.

MKIV Exo Genesis Collection Mint

The MKIV Exo is a wearable vehicle and is the foundational identity of any pilot participating in ExoGP. On Thursday, we dropped the MKIV Exo Genesis Collection, an Ethereum NFT collection exclusively available to mint on Magic Eden. At the conclusion of the mint, any unminted supply will be removed from the collection. Part of the collection is reserved for MKIV Datacard holders as a burn-to-claim option which will be available on Monday 5/13 at 1pm PT following the close of the mint. Datacard holders have been our priority community since inception and this is the access we’ve been waiting to give them for some time.


We held several Spaces on X (Twitter) leading up to the events this week. We brought everyone up to speed on the MKIV Exo and ExoGP with Tommy Lee Edwards, Dylan Bushnell, and other members of the team in The Planet Atmos Team, Product, and IP Space. We also took time with some of our contestants and ambassadors racing in the Canyon Blitz (Tpro, Val Valiant, Rush, Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrots, Patchara, Kyroh, and Mizzy) to discuss Canyon Blitz Predictions and more.

Community Highlight

For our community highlight, we want to keep the praise going for our top three pilots in the ExoGP Canyon Blitz tournament. We didn’t know how well our community would do against the competition we lined up for them but we were beyond proud to see our community members take home the trophies from our first of many ExoGP tournaments. Way to go Tpro, Rush, and Val Valiant. And an extra special shout out to Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrots who didn’t take home a trophy this time but gets extra points for their graceful flying style and their awesome Planet Atmos themed set-up.



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