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It’s been a fun and productive week here on Planet Atmos. We invited a new small group of virtual playtesters from our ODH crew to spend time with ExoGP. We gained valuable feedback while giving community members an exclusive opportunity to try out a pre-alpha build of the game. We also made another exciting community connection with perks for our members, learned about NHL’s new digital collectible community, and more.

Let the Games Begin

We conducted another round of virtual playtesting with a select group of dedicated ODH community members. We allowed each participant to select a 24-hour event during which they could play and, on average, participants engaged with the game for about 5 hours total, with individual sittings lasting approximately 90 minutes.

The feedback received has been super helpful in identifying and confirming key areas for improvement within the game — and validating what ExoGP is getting right. Participants highlighted the boost mechanics, suggesting that enhancements in this area would contribute to a more dynamic and satisfying gameplay experience. Track refinement emerged as another focus, emphasizing the community’s interest in a polished and immersive racing environment. Enhanced collisions were also discussed, indicating a desire for big, incendiary crashes.

We are excited to share some experiences and feedback from playtesters who wished to be identified. The standout achievement was an impressive multi-lap time of 1:41:80 from Kryptonverse, who states:

“The controls are easy… so start playing and having FUN is immediate. Definitely wasn’t expecting the maturity in the flight control. I had so much FUN playing. Bravo!!”

When asked about any game comparisons, Kryptonverse says:

“During the pandemic I played the Star Wars pod racing game. I enjoyed it when I was a kid and ExoGP reminds me in a way to it.”

Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrots reported their best-reported single lap time of 2:07:894 — helped along by their trusty co-pilot. According to Whiskey:

“The controls are intuitive, allowing for precise maneuvering and a satisfying sense of speed. With some further polish and refinement, ExoGP has the potential to become a trailblazer in the world of virtual racing.”

Gritbeat had similarly positive feedback regarding response and maneuverability, stating:

“The controls make sense, both on gamepad and on mouse and keyboard… I felt the experience of controlling the racer was smooth and decently easy to figure out with not too over-complicated control systems.”

We greatly appreciate the constructive feedback from our community and are committed to keeping their insights in mind as we continue to refine and enhance the gaming experience. Thank you to this round of playtesters and stay tuned for our next community-based playtest experience coming soon.

Nice To Meet You

We announced our newest community collab with Owned, ​​a platform for Web2 and Web3 gaming tournaments, asset trading, and more.They’re bringing the best games to the greatest gamers and handing out $1M in prizes. With a community of over 30k gamers, Owned is planning the biggest gaming event for Web3 this year with its Game League. Play Fortnite, Dota 2, CS2, Free Fire, and the best that blockchain gaming has to offer like Parallel, Spider Tanks, and more.

ODH members in the community had an exclusive window to participate in this collaboration before it was opened up to the wider Discord.

Planet Atmos At NYCC

Digital creator Ken Pierce from music and pop culture hub Piercing Metal stopped by our booth at New York Comic Con last month to chat with members of the team and learn more about what we are creating with Planet Atmos, Exordium, and ExoGP.

“The comic is not an adaptation of the game. The comic is created in conjunction with the game, so they influence each other constantly.” Tommy Lee Edwards

Watch the interview and video from Piercing Metal on their YouTube page:

Industry News

In industry news, NHL, NHLPA, and the Alumni Association have launched the full version of NHL Breakaway, a digital collectibles community, developed in partnership with digital collectibles platform Sweet. Following a beta phase and input from early adopters (“Founding Fans”), the platform allows fans to collect, trade, and participate in challenges. Unique features include a Trade Lounge for community interaction, Public Profiles for showcasing collectibles, and gamification with challenges for earning rewards.

Read more about NHL Breakaway from The Hockey News:

Community Highlights

We have to give this week’s community shout-out to the members who participated in and provided their thoughtful feedback from this round of virtual playtesting. We are excited to include your feedback in the process of fine-tuning the overall gaming experience with ExoGP. It’s not just about finding what works; it’s about understanding what can be improved and providing us with the insights to help guide us toward the finish line. Thank you for your time and your service.



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