Aug 24, 2020 · 3 min read

Planethon Pacers — setting the pace in the race for the planet

Why the planet urgently needs science-based storytellers.

In the midst of any large scale societal crisis, our behaviors and perspectives shift abruptly. Cultural phenomenons, types of livelihoods, the survival of whole industries — nothing immune from destruction and reinvention. We value and perceive things differently, and we are often astonished by our newfound realizations. One of these realizations among the general public in the current cluster of crises is how our realities are interconnected, across borders and connecting human behaviour with nature.

The food culture in one country accidentally created a situation where a virus leapt across the species barrier, affecting millions of lives. Within weeks the world looked profoundly different. Many people have died. People are staying at home and renegotiating their relationship to space and place. And citizens in some of the most polluted cities are able to see through the smog, to the natural world beyond.

People are subconsciously being trained to make connections between different kinds of systems.

This mindset — understanding, admitting, and addressing the fact that that humans and nature depend on each other — is something scientists have talked about for decades: it’s called ‘social-ecological systems thinking’. This way of thinking is completely necessary to address the big complex problem-solving marathons we are running together in 2020 and beyond: abolishing systemic racism, fighting a global pandemic, and taking action on climate change.

We need to move past the idea that a lone hero can solve our big problems. These problems are too complex, touch too many parts of our humanity, society, and the state of the planet, all at once. Science tells us that we need intersectional collaborations between powerful and diverse people to get it done. It is only together we are able to tackle this complexity and turn current systems, planet positive.

It’s against this backdrop of urgency and opportunity we are launching Planethon Pacers, a planet positive movement grounded in science. It’s a platform bringing together a diverse group of scientists, influencers, artists, and business leaders to collaborate. Enabling the different skills, backgrounds, personalities, and perspectives they bring to the table to stir up new ecosystems for change.

Pacers are narrators of a new future. Science-based storytellers with influential platforms. They are the creators of what people will believe is possible. They can help set the pace in this long-distance race to get the planet back on track.

Planethon Pacers is an opportunity to learn and explore how humans, societies, and ecosystems are interdependent and with the help of science, to come to grips with why this is so important to understand. Facts from trusted scientifically sound sources will be mixed with examples of what is actually possible, and insights into where to begin. Pacers will reflect on the future they want, and explore what role they can take in bringing that to life. This is the way we believe that new narratives and collaborations will be born and bred. We launch Planethon Pacers to start an exponential spread of informed hope influencing people to take part in this decade of action.

In short, this is what we aim for with the Pacers initiative:

1. Turn influential platforms into spaces for informed hope.
2. Support people to be guided by social-ecological science in their actions.
3. Spread facts from trusted sources more broadly.
4. Show how having the planets best interests at heart, leads to living life at its fullest.
5. Enable new unexpected collaborations for systems change.
6. Inspire the creative action that the planet demands of us.

Founders of Planethon, a planet centric R&D company founded in Stockholm, Sweden.

Planet Centric Business Development

We partner with brave people, companies and institutions that intend for a planet positive future. We use science, entrepreneurship and co-creation for you to innovate fast in the right direction.


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We partner with brave people, companies and institutions that intend for a planet positive future. We use science, entrepreneurship and co-creation for you to innovate fast in the right direction.

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