May 7, 2018 · 1 min read

Millions of idling computers. Decentralized computing.
Serverless compute infrastructure for the new world. No more servers, no more cloud, no more infrastructure to manage. creates a massive network of idling computing devices and securely distributes the logic execution using the decentralized code streaming technology named Meteor.

What is is the “Uber or AirBNB for computing”. Function-as-a-Service (FAAS) on decentralized network of computers.

Millions of CPUs & GPUs are idle around the world. harnesses these wasted computing resources to create a revolutionary secure super computer without requiring additional infrastructure.

Our FAAS computing platform enables companies to run microservices at a fraction of cost compared to cloud providers. And anyone with idling computing resources can contribute to the cause to earn credits just like Bitcoin mining.

Our decentralized computing platform enables companies to adopt the industry latest microservices and FAAS model for building and deploying enterprise grade business applications instead of spending more money on traditional cloud computing or colocation solutions. Channel

Decentralized Serverless Computing - Planetary Scale

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Planetary Scale Serverless Computing Channel

Decentralized Serverless Computing - Planetary Scale

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