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Hey Honey Bee! Extinction Stings.

What does it mean to greet one another in a time of crisis?

By Craig Campbell, Ph.D.

A group of gallery visitors pull writing prompts and compose messages on “Hey, Honey Bee!” greeting cards in Vancouver, BC.

Craig Campbell, an associate professor in the Department of Anthropology at The University of Texas at Austin, has been working for the last year to understand how individuals greet one another in times of crisis, particularly as our planet is wrecked by climate change and now a global pandemic



Texas' population could nearly double by the year 2050. Extreme weather events will bring more floods, more droughts, and more heat. Our state's resources can't support those demands. Making Texas resilient is our grand challenge.

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Planet Texas 2050

We're a group of researchers from across UT Austin. Making Texas resilient in the face of rapid population growth and climate extremes is our grand challenge.