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A Slower Pace Worth Racing Towards

A Slower Pace Worth Racing Towards

A Slower Pace Worth Racing Towards

Jockeying for the Position In Front

Inspired by Ovid (43 BC — 18 AD)’s quote, “A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace.”. The titled responsion is akin to the fear of missing out mixed with a natural forme of competition. I can’t say for certain how the psychology persists in horse thought but we can have fun anthropomorphizing!

The agregate of a meritocricy is contaminated by a slurry of bias and prejudice, or so the modern narrative goes. Our reaction to this realization may not be ideal considering what is at stake. Are our precious liberal democracies under threat in a post abundence reality? Will sustainability be our new oppressor? Who is best suited to jockey for a position out front?

Can You Smell the Solitude?

Inspired by John Milton (1608–1674)’s quote, “Yet from those flames No light, but rather darkness visible.” The titled responsion is continues this thread, what’s left is a maze, meant to lead us back to a salvation of sorts, blinded by the embers of yesteryear and the flickers of what was once called freedom. Solidude? Well, that’s the wellspring of what it means to be human.

Is it an era of consumerism and production centric models of prosperity that confine or define us in our darkest days? It appears that there is no way out from the rhetoric of fancifull justification. Hold on to your power if you must but NEVER let go of your humility, humanity and everything inbetween. Does humility come within, where as humanity is a broad social manifestation? Perhaps. This dichotomoy of sorts is proximal and distal to our sensibilities, the former as an individual while the later is society at large. Who’s in charge? That’s worth talking about.

As a working definition, it works for this oration and should prime you consider alternatives to what consumption means. I for one would love to see an exchange of ideas, heavily invested into the creation of thought and a celebration of the Classics. Rediscover great literature for your own edification, consume it and make it new! That’s a consumptive model that I can get behind.

Face the Facts!

Inspired by Oswald Spengler (1880–1936)’s quote, “Optimism is cowardice.”. The titled responsion has the optimist confront reality rather than through the lense of rose colored glasses.

I bias towards optimism, that’s why I created the term FEMPTY, neither full, nor empty, the glass is have empty but not in the order you would imagine. This reversal of physcis manifests into a meme of sorts. Does this make it physical? What is the fact of this non-matter? Does it exist beyond the paper or the screen that it is posted on? Transmissibility plays a part but is irrelevent in any and all claims of reality. And yet, here it is for all to see. Take a sip, I dare you.

A Slower Pace worth Racing Towards

Life is, in many ways, a race. Ever since the great Charles Darwin cracked the code and thrust into the limelight the evolutionary process of natural selection, we have become increasingly aware of just how deeply entrenched we are in this race and how high the stakes are. Many people’s response to the realization that this race must be won is to sprint through it and reach that finish line as quickly as possible. However, as we all remember from that old familiar children’s tale of the tortoise and the hare, this is precisely the wrong approach. Indeed, if one wishes to win at this thing called life, one must keep a steady pace; otherwise, you’ll miss all the flowers that dot your path!

As Rachel Carson once boldly proclaimed, “those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life”; frankly, we could not agree more.

Here, at planksip, we believe that “dwelling” should be more than just a simple noun, used to refer to that place you end up when the sun goes down and you need to rest your bones for a few fleeting hours until the morning erupts with birdsong. No, as a matter of fact, we would suggest that dwelling is actually best understood as a verb, used to describe a way of living harmoniously and ethically with the planet, doing our best to sustain this delicately beautiful ecosystem we have been so graciously blessed with.

Drawing from all of the great thinkers throughout human history, from Jesus (fictional phenomenon) to Jean-Paul Sartre, Blaise Pascal to Bill Maher, Marilyn Monroe to Martin Heidegger, Orwell to Ovid, Whitman to Wittgenstein, Flaubert to Foucault, and so on, our philosophy at plankship is one of deep respect and admiration for the forces of nature that are at work, forces far greater than anything engineered by mere mortals, forces responsible for the very fate of our civilization, and, in a much larger sense, the fate of the planet itself.

What we’re about here at plankship is pushing things forward. We are a boutique media outlet, and we specialize in publishing content centered around the subjects that spark intrigue in the brightest among us; things like philosophy, quantum physics, astronomy, biology, psychology, the ethics and science of climate change, and so on. We are subscription-based; however, we offer subsidized incentives for those in need. Our goal is to offer a space for authors and other thought leaders to participate in the global marketplace of ideas and relish in the propagation of paradigm-shifting thoughts.

At planksip, we understand that it is going to take at least a few villages to bring about real change regarding the things that matter. This is why, in addition to helping rising authors and thinkers get their start in today’s cutthroat publishing landscape, we employ some additional methods of raising awareness around the issues we feel are what should be the focus of our national conversation.

Through our platform, we showcase a wide range of free content, featuring some of today’s premier thought leaders, all designed to get people thinking about the right things; whether it’s a lecture on democracy and its future in the context of an increasingly shifting global economy by legendary activist Tariq Ali or groundbreaking theoretical physicist Michio Kaku’s astute predictions as to what the world may look like a decade from now, the possibility of you leaving our website with less to think about is slim to none, my friend.

Go ahead and indulge in this knowledge that we hope will become clear to the rest of the world someday. Just be sure to enjoy the whole process, and take it as it comes.

Ultimately, planksip represents something without an ego. We are firm in our belief that happiness is a group effort, and that we all play a vital role in disseminating it throughout the world. The biggest step you can take towards actualizing this goal, one that we’ve committed to taking, is doing whatever it is you can to spread the knowledge of the true nature of reality to as many people as can be reached through modern (or metamodern) means. This is what led our founder, Daniel Sanderson, to write p(x), his philosophical manifesto (available on the website), and take the initiative to launch the planksip® brand and bring that new world of boundless optimism and opportunity into fruition, while we still can. So, what are you waiting for? Join the ranks of the great ones among us, and head over to just be sure to prepare yourself for the likely consequence of never wanting to leave!

A Slower Pace Worth Racing Towards

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Thoughts, stories and ideas inspired by Giants and driven by Big Data. Book reviews, quotes, and literary analysis are all fair game. Enjoy.

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Daniel Sanderson

Thoughts, stories and ideas inspired by Giants and driven by Big Data. Book reviews, quotes, and literary analysis are all fair game. Enjoy. #Googleplanksip