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Age is a Purgatory, Youth is our Salvation

Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, But to be young was very heaven!

- William Wordsworth (1770–1850)

Who’s Your Daddy?

Age is a Purgatory, Youth is our Salvation

Unteathered time, traveling through existence away from a state of grace, however Christian that may sound, is a slowing death of knowledge acquisition.

It seems that we all believe differently about whether or not age is a Purgatory, a place of pain and suffering. Some say it is the worst part of life; that it is something we have to endure to the best of our ability before we can experience the higher planes of life. Others say that there is no pain in life; that it is just a stage we must pass through before the light shines on us.

In truth there is no pain in the human body and soul, for no one is here to suffer or die. We are here to be happy and healthy and live a great life.

The question is then, what is the difference between suffering and death? What separates our experience from that of other animals and plants?

This is a good question because we know that there is no pain in existence. Pain is a product of disease. The pain we feel from the diseases and ailments that plague our bodies is a gift from God. God has given us the gift of healing and the ability to survive even if the illness or ailment is incurable.

Age is the progression of this sickness and disease into an advancing state of consciousness. As we get older, we become aware that we have been around disease and illness before and we begin to heal by self-reflection. However, as we mature our consciousness increases and we begin to notice that our lives are much better than they were in childhood. We begin to realize that we are healthy, strong, and in control of our own destiny.

If there were no pain, there would be no age. That is, we would be able to heal and move forward without any suffering. When we begin to move toward this understanding, it becomes easier to understand what happens to those of us who do not move forward, because the sickness and disease continue to increase. As we age, we become less healthy and stronger.

If there was no age, then all those who are still young would become aged, because they would not have any years to heal and continue to move forward. toward the light. They would be more like the blinds which shut them out from the light of God. We would be left behind forever.

Suffering is the part of life and the aging process; it is inevitable. We will eventually suffer from sickness and disease and in that period of time, we will be in need of our Creator. Our Creator is our greatest healer and will heal us. We will be given over to the light and become the person He created us to be in Him.

Once we are healed by our Creator, we are no longer dependent on other people to help us find the Light. No matter what our age is, we can be free to find the Light and live a life full of peace, love, and joy. There is no reason why we cannot enjoy the fruits of our labor and continue to move forward with God’s help.

The process of suffering will continue until we reach God and He removes our sufferings. We will become as we move forward. into an endless state of healing, which will give us new energy and wisdom. We will also become the individual we were made for.

This is what life means when we move forward with age. We have become so old that there is no reason for us to suffer anymore. We have no need for pain.

Age is the way to the Light. When we are old and suffer, we become so old that we feel as if there is no hope. for a new beginning in our lives. But old age is nothing but a place where we are so old that we feel as if we are lost in time, in death.

Defend Till the End, Always on Your Side

Looking up for a father figure is a good rule of thumb for may creatures, language animals included. Transcendental self-imaging is unique to the Sapien virus. Look what we have become, dominating this kingdom at the expense of our own possible extinction.

Yet when we die (prematurely) we say, ‘our fathers lied?’

Nice move jackass, now look at the mess we are left with

Our collective history or written account of humanity’s story is a fictive imagining with and without substance. Acknowledging the half-life of the metaphor when compared against the cumulative knowledge structures we now know categorically demand acknowledgement and distance from the dogmas they demand. For me, this a bridge over the troubled waters of science and the humanities moving in productive counterpoint and counterfactual imagining.

Who’s Your Daddy? — Another planksip Möbius

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Thoughts, stories and ideas inspired by Giants and driven by Big Data. Book reviews, quotes, and literary analysis are all fair game. Enjoy. #Googleplanksip