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Be Bold my Son!

Fortune and love favour the brave.

- Ovid (43 BC — 18 AD)

Wine Not My Son — Inebriation Annunciations — Another planksip Möbius

Wine Not My Son — Inebriation Annunciations

Be Bold my Son!

Inspired by Ovid (43 BC — 18 AD)’s quote, “Fortune and love favour the brave”. The titled responsion is…

When You Act With Bravery, The Possibilities Are Endless. A great person will have the courage to walk up and take charge of his or her own life in general. It takes courage to move forward and take action.

Strong leaders are courageous. They know what’s best for the people around them. They make decisions and follow through on them with courage.

Courageous people will always have the power to take action. The more powerful they are, the greater the consequences that occur when they take action. They get rewarded by having more power and influence. They are respected and admired by their peers.

Courageous people will take action in spite of all odds. The odds may be stacked against them. But they will persevere. They will not give up. They will continue to rise above their circumstances, in spite of the opposition.

In order to act with bravery, you must know how to deal with opposition. When you encounter resistance, you must overcome it with determination. When the opposition is strong, it is easy to run away from it. However, if the opposition is weak, it is harder to retreat from it. It requires the courage to stand strong against adversity.

When you are brave, your thoughts turn toward the future. You do not dwell on what has happened. You focus on what is to come. When you know the future, you can make the necessary changes to get things done for you in the future.

Courage is not a one-time thing. It is a trait of the human spirit. Every human being has a certain amount of this trait. In times of challenge, we all become more courageous. The more courageous you become, the more you succeed.

As you become brave, you will become stronger. Your confidence will increase and your courage will increase. The more courage you posses, the more courage you will be able to inspire others with. Being courageous, makes you a better person and a better leader.

Some people are born with low levels of courage. Others must learn how to develop their courage. Learning to develop your courage does not happen over night. You must keep building up your courage over time.

There are some qualities of courage that must be present in order for you to be able to act with bravery. Courage is not a trait of weakness or an emotion that is easily acquired. Being brave requires sacrifice. The courage of the individual must be equal to the danger. That is, a courageous individual is willing to accept the risk. take that risk.

The other characteristics of courage are not easily achieved. The character must be determined. Courage is built through self-examination.

Courage is a choice. You must be committed to making the decision to be courageous and then have the courage to stick to the decision.

A courageous person is not the person who is afraid to make a wrong decision, or the one who only acts out of fear. A courageous person is not the one who only stands up in situations where there is no other way out. Courage is not just the ability to face a challenge, or the ability to take a step. A courageous person is not the one who is ready to do something difficult.

A courageous person is the one who chooses to face a challenge and is willing to make a mistake. The courageous person is not the one who avoids obstacles because of fear. The courageous person is not the one who avoids challenges because of fear, or the one who is afraid to fail because of failure.

Wine Not My Son — Inebriation Annunciations — Another planksip Möbius

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