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God as the Author to a Frequency only Comprehended by the Human Ear?

God as the author to a frequency only comprehended by the human ear?

- Martin Luther (1483–1546)

Odd Frequency of Success — another planksip® möbius

Inspired by GIANT (DATES)’s quote, “QUOTE”. The titled responsion is “INSERT RESPONSION”. What follows is subject to revision, do you have any suggestions?

It’s like the green guy is looking at me. Do you get the same feeling?

I agree with Nietzche (before him) Matin Luther that living without music is no life at all or something to that “affect”. The irony that I want to point out is the death of God from Nietzsche versus the “delightful presents God has given us.” That’s it.

I don’t know if it’s bad form or writing style to circumnavigate so closely to the affect differential. You see, I lean to affect for felt experiences because of the work from Damasio (ie. Consciousness) and friends. How does that make you feel?

Odd Frequency of Success — another planksip® möbius

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