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Haves versus Havenots

Peace to the shacks! War on the palaces!

- Georg Büchner (1813–1837)

Alexander cuts the Gordian Knot by Jean-Simon Berthélemy (1743–1812)

Haves versus Have-nots

Inspired by Georg Büchner (1813–1837)’s quote, “Peace to the shacks! War on the palaces!”. The titled responsion is…

Karl Georg Büchner was an English poet and writer of prose and poetry, associated with the Romantic movement. He was also the brother of German philosopher and physician Karl von Bchner and poet Hugo von Bchner. In 1810 Bchner immigrated to New Zealand and worked as a teacher and translator in Auckland. In his poetry he wrote about the experiences he had while teaching in Europe, as well as about his love for Christ’s teachings.

He wrote that he had seen Christ in the vineyard at Eulenspiegel, where Christ appeared to him, after receiving a message from the Lord. He believed that Christ had transformed his life and he felt that God was guiding him. He wrote of his encounters with the Virgin Mary and also wrote of Christ and his followers, who were at the time of the crucifixion. He is best known as one of the first English writers of the German language, especially during the period of the Romantic movement in Germany.

Although Bchner is famous for his poetry, he was also an author of prose and a critic. In his prose he has written some interesting articles about art, nature and spirituality. He wrote a series of books that are considered classics by many modern writers. One of these is The Spirit of Art, in which he discusses some of the major factors of our culture and explores the meaning of art in our society today.

The Heroes Lost in the Attic Tragedies

Inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896–1940)’s quote, “Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy.”. The titled responsion is…

Francis Scott Key was a prominent American poet, essayist, novel writer, and short story writer. He was most famous for his works depicting the Bohemian and excess of his era, the Jazz Age. In his lifetime, he wrote four books, five collections of poetry, nine novels, and over one hundred short stories. In the 1920s, his work was featured in the film The Jazz Singer. The title character of this movie, Sidney Poitier, is based on his life as an acclaimed poet and author. The film was made in order to bring publicity to Key’s life. It is a very well-known and beloved film today.

While writing Key’s books, he was a member of a group of poets called the Black Sisters. He also served as editor of a magazine for African American writers called The Inkwell. One of the books he co-authored with this group of writers, The Collected Poems of Francis Scott Key, is considered by many scholars to be the first true poem. His poetry was so popular that many people had their own poetry collections based on his writings. His work is also highly admired and cited by African Americans today. His poetry is still widely read by many today.

In many of his stories, Key portrays an America that have fallen from its greatness, as well as an America that are not truly great. The book is a classic, a true classic, in many ways. Many critics and historians consider it one of the best novels ever written by a black author. The film of the same name is considered to be a great piece of American culture, period. This book is sure to entertain anyone who ever picked it up.

Hero Worshipers

Inspired by Umberto Eco (1932–2016)’s quote, “ The real hero is always a hero by mistake; he dreams of being an honest coward like everybody else.” The titled responsion is…

Umberto Eco is a cultural critic, academic, author, political activist, religious scholar, and author of many books. A lot of people love his books. His works are not only entertaining but also informative and inspiring for all ages. He has also written quite a few novels which are also very popular among readers.

Among the best books by Umberto Eco are his novels The Name Of The Rose and The Name Of The Heart. In The Name Of The Rose, he focuses on the struggles of the Italian revolutionary Emmanual Mosca in his attempt to establish a modern Italy from scratch. In The Name Of The Heart, it tells about the rise and fall of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. There are other novels that he wrote such as, The Book of the New Sun, The Ethics of Ambiguity, and The Nightmare Of Reason. Most of his books are based on his experiences and observations of his native country, Italy.

In short, Umberto Eco is a literary genius and a great writer. Aside from the works that he has written for children, his works for adults have received a lot of attention. His books are also famous because of the characters that he created. It has become popular because of his witty observations and brilliant prose. He has also written some of the most well-liked novels ever written. His works are also widely acclaimed and admired by scholars and critics. His works for kids and adults alike are highly appreciated and praised.

Alexander cuts the Gordian Knot by Jean-Simon Berthélemy (1743–1812)

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Thoughts, stories and ideas inspired by Giants and driven by Big Data. Book reviews, quotes, and literary analysis are all fair game. Enjoy. #Googleplanksip