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The Delta Force

The Delta Force

- Heraclitus (535–475 BC)

Ishans Muse and planksip Mobius Maker 8420

Ishans Muse and planksip Mobius Maker 8420

The Delta Force

Bent Earthward We Deprive Experience

This one is a little bit of a stretch but I will try and push a boundary. Leonardo da Vinci’s flight metaphor evokes a been-there-done-that narrative, habituated around past experience this quote seams incomplete, perhaps even a dichotomy? Snippet Code: p.33injuWIf you are reading this and you are wondering about the significance of the above code, you might want to watch the following video…

The Wellspring of the Macedonian Muses

In An Essay on Criticism (1711) from Alexander Pope, this famous quote has its history in Ovid’s Metamorphasis. Look it up on Wikipedia, it’s worth the read.

Liar, Liar… I object to your Honour!

When I wrote Virtue Ethics and Lawyers (2016) I compared and contrasted the effects of Hellenic virtue rhetoric to our current Jurisprudence (the study of law), I fear the statistical direction we are now headed lacks a narrative if it’s needed at all! There are plenty of directions to go with this narrative, expand on the necessity of narrative.

Mobius Maker Through Peace and Harmony

Your Passions Should Follow You

Ephiphenomal manifestations projected on the stage of life act as individual agents for all to see, to bear witness and participate within. A shared consciousness​ or​ passion is a play that expresses cultures that moves us. Together and separate, the amusing muse is a fictive ​imagining ​that takes shape within and through the forme otherwise known as differentiation.

Inescapable Positions of Individuation

2 Become 1: The Right Image is Never Absolute — Learn More!

Artists Apply Themselves and the Image Evolves

A Musing Epistemology

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