Dialog dua mulut satu jiwa.

It’s 2 AM.

Crowded room, yet lonely heart.

People dancing, forgetting everything for a little while.

Escaping reality.

What do they want?

They wanted to have a simple life.

A normal “good son or daughter from a warm family” life.

But sometimes, not everyone can have that kind of life.

This is the reality, it is what it is.

Why do they do that?

Sometimes it’s not because that people are alcoholics.

They’re not addicted to alcohol, they’re addicted to the sense of them escaping reality.

A little time for them to be free, to feel young.

The world is just fine as if everything is in its place.

You know that you’re talking to yourself right?

I know, and it’s 5 AM now.

My head is dizzy, my hands are cold.

Wake up in a place I don’t even know where.

And do you know what the worst thing is?

I’m afraid not, do you?

I’m back to reality.