User stories: Planport Protocol

These are the some of the examples of the Planport network users who will drive the ecosystem

The Planport network is an end to end supply chain operating network powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. Planport’s mission is to streamline the supply chain . Our Network of Applications include the following.

1.Enterprise portal

2.Supplier portal

3.Trade finance marketplace

Network Overview

Planport users


These are the users who will deploy the Planport applications to their employees across their organisations and departments. They purchase the Port tokens to simplify different aspects of their day to day interactions.


These are users who will compete to win bids and projects in the Planport network to drive their businesses. They may also purchase tokens at the same time, they will be rewarded for their contributions and inputs to different organisations and enterprises at different levels.

Supply chain experts

These are the users who will offer their expertise to help and consult the suppliers and enterprises to make sure they get the best business outcome. They could be from big consulting firms like or other supply chain consulting firms or vetted individuals that get compensated using our Token on the on-demand service platform.


These users will be able to develop and interact with different applications that simplify the procurement of their company. As the Planport grows we will open our ecosystem to developers, to build third-party applications that make their organisations operate better.


Investors are users who sign up onto the Planport network to buy trade finance assets I.e Invoices. The documents are stored on the Blockchain ledger, therefore, invoice frauds and duplications are eliminated. Anyone can sign up and connect with a secure, risk-free network to invest/buy Invoices.

Trade asset Issuers/Invoice sellers

These users can also be suppliers within the network or external users who register as an invoice seller separately. They are able to access a network of investors globally by eliminating third-party invoice organisations that charge them fees, as high as 20%, within Planport they benefit from lowest rates and cash flow optimisation.

Banks and Non-Bank Enterprises

These users will benefit from Planport’s trade finance marketplace API by integrating into their system. This will eliminate inefficiencies and time consuming processes.

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