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The Role of Exercise

I feel a little bit like a magnolia tree — it takes some warmth and sunshine for me to bloom. But finally, after 5 long cold months, spring and possibly even summer, has arrived in NYC.

With the arrival of some fine weather, I forced myself (quite literally — it took 45 minutes of procrastination yesterday and only 30 minutes today — progress) to go outside for a quick run before work.

That got me thinking about the role of exercise.

Time and time again, our clients ask, “Should I exercise while doing the ReBoot to maximize results?”. And even though we all know Euphebe is about improved health and well-being, let’s be honest, by “results” those people really mean weight loss!

For those of you that have been through our coaching program, you will likely remember that on Day 8 we dispel the myth of Calories In = Calories Out. Losing those first 3–5 lbs on the ReBoot in the first 7–10 days cannot come from calorie deprivation. Here’s why (for all you math geeks):

1 lb of fat = 3,500 calories, so 5 lbs of fat = 17,500 calories (5 lbs x 3,500 cals/lb). According to the flawed calories in = calories out theory, in order to explain 5 lbs lost over 10 days, you should be reducing your calorie consumption by 1,750 calories per day (that’s like not eating all day) or burning 1,750 extra cals — which is like a 17-mile run without upping what you eat before or afterwards. I don’t think so!

Clearly, that’s not what is driving the weight loss. So the advice we give to people while on the ReBoot is exercise, by all means, if that is something you are used to and enjoy doing, but it’s not necessary for effective weight loss.

Now, don’t get me wrong, exercise is fabulous and really important. For me, it is as important for my mind as it is for my body. Exercising clears the head, alleviates stress (once it’s over — it was pretty stressful yesterday morning pondering whether or not to run) and makes you feel good. And as we know, we can’t out run a bad diet, but running sure does work wonders on those jiggly bits.

Just like the beautiful magnolias and cherry blossoms that are in full bloom, a little exercise brings radiance, makes for a great day, and as the saying goes “You’ll Feel Better”.

With love and extra special feel-good happiness today,




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