Starting to Take Shape

My plans have changed several times since I first started seeds but the garden is finally coming together. I have put several vegetables into the raised beds and the rest are almost ready for transplanting.

Four sweet pepper plants in their new home.

This weekend I put out the sweet peppers I purchased at the hardware store and three zucchini I started from seed indoors. I also sowed beans and peas straight into the beds. Since these vegetable types grow quickly they are not recommended to be started before planting time.

Tiny zucchini squash I started from seed

Layout planning is especially important for gardeners with limited space. Though I have a decent sized backyard, I still portioned my bed space carefully to avoid waste. Soil and other materials are expensive and every square foot of garden requires gallons of water by the end of the growing season.

Two heirloom tomato plants I planted last weekend are thriving in the nutritious soil and warm weather.

I am a natural planner and was excited to begin planning in January, months before anything would be ready to grow outside. Planting is especially rewarding when you have a plan to mark progress by and thinking ahead minimizes the risk of many problems. Failure to plan will leave your garden vulnerable to running out of space or time and placing plants in the shade of taller ones.

I have a detailed map of my raised beds marked with each plant and the date they were planted. I will keep track of vegetables’ development and track their growth and fruiting progress.

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